Saturn Trine or Sextile Sun

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Saturn Trine Sextile Sun Transiting Saturn trine or sextile your natal Sun. This is a time of potential recognition and accomplishment. Superiors are likely to be impressed with your efforts. Your relationships with them and your father are likely to be improved. It is an excellent time to ask for a promotion or a raise. You may have a hard time keeping secret what you do now as it has a tendency to be in the spotlight. This is a period of stability in the sense that you feel you know who you are. There is very little uncertainty and consequently you have a self assurance that is well justified. You are capable of making a favorable impression on others.

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If the Sun is lord of your 1st house, this is a time when you may feel inhibited in your self expression. Be careful about your health if you are older, especially if you have cardiac or back problems. You tend to have a more serious outlook on life now and may want to simplify your lifestyle.

If lord of the 2nd house, a conservative attitude prevails in financial matters. You may prefer to hold back on investments or minimize risk. You may be more secretive than usual about things that you own.

If lord of the 3rd house, you may feel the urge to get more organized in your daily routine and prefer a more efficient schedule. You will not want to travel much and so may relocate so that important places such as the bank or place of employment are closer to where you live.

If lord of your 4th house, special attention is now needed in personal and family matters. Your relationships with older men or your father may change, or you may have obligations to take care of in these areas. Older people may feel a sense of isolation or loneliness.

If lord of the 5th house, your children may require greater supervision now if you have any. Otherwise, this often indicates a time when your ability to express yourself is tested. Lack of spontaniety and difficulty in love life is possible.

If lord of the 6th, you are likely to feel more focused, disciplined and efficient during this period. Employers see you as someone who can get the job done.

If lord of the 7th, a balance of power is more easily achieved in business partnerships or marriage. Business proposals may come from those older and wiser than you are. It is a good time to seek guidance or professional help.

If lord of the 8th, inheritance may come from the death of older men in your family. It may be time to take care of old or mysterious matters related to your past. Financial institutions that you have dealings with may become more strict on credit or lending practices.

If lord of the 9th, this may be a time when you try to bring your dreams into practical reality. Sometimes indicates that attention is needed in important legal matters. A good time for writing or publishing.

If lord of the 10th, your focus turns to career matters, achievement and ways to get ahead. There is a possibility of promotion and the opportunity to take on a leadership role. An increase in responsibility is common.

If lord of the 11th, you may receive guidance from those older and wiser than yourself. It is often a good time for business or entreprenurial enterprises.

If lord of the 12th, you may have an opportunity to decrease your level of responsibility and relax for a while. It is a good time to seek peace and quiet.

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