Uranus Trine or Sextile Saturn

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Uranus Trine Sextile Saturn Transiting Uranus trine or sextile your natal Saturn. This represents a period of balance between the principles of change and stability. You are able to innovate without upsetting others. Your boss or employer may be impressed with the way you have improved efficiency in the office or by your innovative way of thinking or solving problems. This transit can make you quite resourceful and able to jerry-rig just about anything. This is a favorable time for scientific and technological advancement.

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If Saturn is lord of your first house, life becomes more exciting to you now because you encounter the unexpected more often. This is an excellent time to make plans and set goals for yourself. Your ability to adapt to circumstances is improved. Lifestyle changes benefit you.

If lord of your 2nd, this is an excellent time to reorganize financial matters. You may find that accounting procedures benefit greatly from streamlining, making you more efficient. You are less likely to feel attached to what you own and may feel like holding a garage sale to get rid of useless items.

If lord of the 3rd, your tired old habits of mental perception are breaking down now allowing you to see life from a fresh perspective. Routine errands may be done more efficiently now.

If lord of the 4th, you may find a chance to break free from domestic circumstances that have held you back for a long time, allowing for a change of lifestyle.

If lord of the 5th, you may have greater freedom of self expression, or may have lost some inhibition lately. Others may be surprised at you. It is a good time for a makeover. Love life becomes more exciting.

If lord of the 6th, you may have the chance to streamline procedures in the office; increasing work productivity and efficiency. Often the pace at the office quickens or becomes less stale due to a mild change of routine.

If lord of the 7th, marriage and partnerships may become less serious and more light hearted. You are more likely to be able to make changes now in your relationships without upsetting other's expectations.

If lord of the 8th, some unexpected news may come from issues related to estate or inheritance. It is a good time to check your credit and look into hidden matters.

If lord of the 9th, you are likely to develop an interest in scientific or technological issues now. Something unusual happens to change your beliefs. Travel is likely to be exciting.

If lord of the 10th, a change of career is sometimes indicated. There are new career opportunities open to you now. Promotion, advancement or recogintion for achievement is likely.

If lord of the 11th, socializing may be more exciting than usual. This is an indicator of new friendships forming based upon common interests.

If lord of the 12th, this time is best spent taking care of unfinished business and finishing old projects. Don't start anything new now as things are not likely to get off to a smooth start.

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