Venus Square or Opposite Uranus

© 2005 Curtis Manwaring

Venus Square Opposition Uranus Transiting Venus square or opposite your natal Uranus. You are likely to feel a bit unsatisfied with your relationships and wish you could be around different people now. The social environment seems greener everywhere else except where you are. You are prone to break the rules you have in existing relationships in an attempt to get a reaction from others. Some may consider your behavior weird or out of place. It is also possible that you are the one who has to deal with unusual behavior from others or your mate. You may not know where you stand in the relationship as a result. In extreme circumstances, this can indicate infidelity and breakup of a relationship. It is a good idea to allow alot of freedom in relationships now, particularly if there are other indicators that suggest possessiveness, personal space or boundary issues. You might also be subject to erratic financial ups and downs.

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