Venus Trine or Sextile Mercury

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Venus Trine Sextile Mercury Transiting Venus trine or sextile your natal Mercury. Communication tends to be friendly and refined and especially polite. Mentally you will not have the concentration that you are used to. This is a good time to tackle diplomatically sensitive subjects and for negotiations. It is also a great time to tell someone how you feel. Socializing is favored. Financial transactions benefit from this aspect as this combination signifies commerce.

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If Mercury is lord of your first house, pleasant conversation occupies much of your time. Others may voice their affection for you or complement you. It is a good time to approach others for favors. Your views and ideas are more popular now.

If lord of the 2nd, this is an excellent combination for commerce as a fair deal can be worked out financially. Sometimes indicates the reception of gifts or financial windfall.

If lord of the 3rd, you are likely to be caught up in pleasant conversation with neighbors and relatives. You may receive invitations to social events. Relationships with siblings and relatives should be good.

If lord of the 4th, you may be thinking of redecorating your home. Sometimes indicates good news from parents, particularly your father. Your home supports a peaceful atmosphere.

If lord of the 5th, romance may occupy your thoughts during most of this period. It is a good time to express your feeling for someone. It may be hard to concentrate on anything serious. Investments work more favorably now.

If lord of the 6th, you may find it difficult to focus on details at the office as your mind tends to drift alot more during this period. Daydreaming on the job is not likely to get you into serious trouble though at this time. It's best to procrastinate for the time being and take some time off if you can.

If lord of the 7th, this combination is great for working out contractual details because Mercury represents negotiating and Venus represents weights and measures. A measured agreement can be worked out. Indicates improved communication with your mate and business partners, but can also be favorable for tactical persuasion and legal matters.

If lord of the 8th, if seeking a loan, this is a sign that you will be approved. Others will be more eager to entend you credit.

If lord of the 9th, this combination used to indicate involvement in priestly rites and spiritual cleansing and finding peace with your god. It is also favorable for legal negotiations and publishing.

If lord of the 10th, you may receive good news from your superiors, possibly in the form of a promotion. It is a good combination for public speaking as it makes your words more graceful and soothes potential nervousness.

If lord of the 11th, you will probably receive lots of invitations to social events during this period. It is a good time to get out and socialize. Contacts could be formed that will help you in your career.

If lord of the 12th, this has the effect of calming your worries and putting your mind more at ease. It is a good time to take a relaxing vacation and retreat from the daily grind.

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