How Jupiter's Transit of Taurus Will Affect You

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(Jupiter entered Taurus on June 2, 2000 and will stay there for 361 days)

Moon Sign - Is the Zodiacal Sign where your Moon is posited in your sidereal horoscope.

Moon Sign Gemini

In the 12th, Jupiter turns malevolent and many problems you will have to encounter in mundane life. Jupiter rules finance and you will find that expenditure spirals beyond control. You have to be careful while handling money. Children also may pose problems as Jove is the significator of children. The ideal remedy is fasting on Thursdays, wearing Topaz on Thursdays and reading the Scriptures in a state of physical and mental purity.

Moon Sign Taurus

Jupiter is highly adverse in the First. All sorts of strife and afflictions will visit you. You become gloomy and melancholic as problems overwhelm you. If you believe in spiritual remedies, you can fast on Thursdays, read the Scriptures on Thursdays, wear Golden Topaz or Yellow Sapphire on Thursdays and consecrate to the Lord on Thursday. Thursday is derived from Thor's Day (Thor - Jupiter). Thursday was consecrated to Jupiter. Anyway this period is only temporary and when Jupiter transits Gemini whatever you have lost will be redeemed.

Moon Sign Aries

Jupiter becomes benign as he is posited in the 2nd. Prosperity increases and there will be gains in education. You gain a lot of friends. You are extolled for your virtue and your reputation increases. There will be a strong urge from within to pursue intellectual pursuits and to amass knowledge and Wisdom. The Wisdom planet will affect your psyche and you turn spiritual for the time being.

Moon Sign Pisces

Many problems surface as Jove takes a malign stance. Mental peace takes a beating and there will be a dearth of happiness. Financially, you may be tight. Expenditure spirals beyond expectations. Remedies include fasting on Thursdays, Meditation and prayers to the Lord. There may be misunderstandings with friends and relatives.

Moon Sign Aquarius

Jupiter turns adverse in the 4th. You will be confronted by many a problem. Enemies increase and try to block your progress. Loss of position and wandering about. You will have to take recourse to remedial measures during this adverse phase. Remedies include fasting on Thursdays, worshipping the Lord on Thursdays, wearing Topaz or Yellow Sapphire on Thursdays,& reading the Scriptures. Jove is the Guru in the astrological heirarchy and he will compensate for the temporary setbacks when he transits Virgo.

Moon Sign Capricorn

This is a prosperous period as Jove turns benign in the 5th. Prosperity dawns and you feel far better than previous year. The inner spiritual urge will make you spiritual and religious. There will be more interest in spiritual matters as the Guru of all planets blesses you in no uncertain measure. This is the ideal time to try for spiritual progress.

Moon Sign Sagittarius

Jupiter turns malefic in the 6th. There will be blocks and hindrances in the path to progress. Financial tightness also makes its mark. There will be many misunderstandings with loved ones. Remedial measures include wearing Golden Topaz on Thursdays, worshipping the Tutelary Deity on Thursdays and reading the Scriptures in a state of mental purity.

Moon Sign Scorpio

Jupiter turns benign and gives you many a blessing. Prosperity increases and your merit will be appreciated by the multitude. Educational gains and spiritual progress. There may be gains in speculation. Goodwill increases. Your diplomacy will be appreciated by the public. This is the ideal time to strive for Self-Actualisation using Meditation and prayers.

Moon Sign Libra

Jupiter is extremely malefic in the 8th. All sorts of hindrances and obstacles crop up in your path. You become melancholic as a result. Financial tightness and misunderstandings with loved ones. You become subject to the machinations of your enemies. Avoid arguments and unnecessary speculation. This is not the ideal time to speculate. Also be careful in handling human relations.

Moon Sign Virgo

Jupiter takes a benign stance and this becomes a very prosperous time indeed. There may be educational and financial gains. You will get relief from last years' Eighth Jupiter. Spiritual progress indicated. This is the ideal time for Meditation and to enjoy the bliss of the Self. Your merit will be recognised and appreciated. You become the cynosure of all eyes.

Moon Sign Leo

Jupiter becomes malign and this is a critical period for you and your profession. Loss of position and wandering about. Misunderstandings increase as Jove takes an adverse stance. Financial tightness looms large on the horizon. Ideal remedies include fasting on Thursdays, worshipping the Tutelary Deity on Thursdays, reading the Scriptures on Thursdays and consecrating to the Lord on Thursdays.

Moon Sign Cancer

This is a prosperous period as Jove turns benign and blesses you with financial and educational gains. Your assets will increase. And so will goodwill and reputation. Your merits will be extolled. Whatever Jupiter had taken last year will be given back to you. If you speculate, you may come up with flying colours. Monetary windfall can be expected from the stock market.

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