George W. Bush and the Presidential Death Cycle

© 2000 Curtis Manwaring

This is the second chart in this series which I planned on examining for eminence, violent death and accusation indicators, in order to compare it with the chart of John McCain. First lets look at the chart of George W. Bush:

George W Bush birth chart

I should say that the 7:26 am birth time looks accurate, but I don't know the source. The first indicator, once again, according to Valens:

"When the lord of the Conjunction or Whole Moon of the nativity should happen to be in aversion to the zoidion or should fall amiss while being witnessed by a malefic, it indicates violent death."

Since the Moon was waxing when in this chart we seek the position of the prenatal conjunction. It was at approximately 6 Cancer. Therefore the lord of this conjunction is the Moon. The Moon is applying to Jupiter and is not in aversion to the sign of the lunation. the Moon and the prenatal lunation are witnessed by Saturn, but it's light is abscised (cut off - because Jupiter and Venus interpose in mediary degrees) so that it can do little harm. It is debatable whether the Moon falls amiss because it is close to Jupiter and an angle. This indicator is not fulfilled, therefore there is little danger indicated here.

The 2nd indicator according to Valens:

"Similarly also, if Hermes should be opposed to the Whole Moon while being witnessed by a malefic, it produces a bad cause of death."

Mercury is not opposed to the full Moon. This indicator is not fulfilled.

The 3rd indicator according to Valens:

"And if Kronos or Ares or Hermes (Saturn, Mars or Mercury respectively) should be present upon zoidion of the fortieth day, it indicates violent death.&quot

Fourty days after birth (40 x 24 hours) puts the Moon near the Midheaven in Aries. This indicator is not fullfilled because neither Mars, Saturn nor Mercury are here.

The 4th indicator according to Valens:

"Similarly also, when malefics happen to be upon the descendant or pre-descendant, they also produce violent death and causes of ailments and bad deaths."

While Saturn rules the 6th house none of the malefics are here. This indicator is not fulfilled.

The 5th indicator according to Valens:

"And the eighth place from the Horoskopos (the Ascendant) also possesses the same power in relation to the causes of death..."

Valens describes this below:

Leo is destroyed by Pisces, the Sun by Zeus. Whence they die as ones with heart or liver conditions, or they are in danger in very wet [places], or because of water and falls, and through auges and female slaves.

This is why cats don't like to be in water...

The last indicator according to Valens:

"...and similarly with the 8th place from the Lot of Fortune (Also known as the deadly place). It is necessary then, to examine upon what zoidion the Lot (of fortune) and its lord happen to be." For these zoidia the cause of death are shown ahead of time...

The lot of fortune was in Scorpio. While Scorpio can mean murder, one in 12 people have this in their chart, but less than 1% actually arrive at that end so we need more confirmation. Its lord was in Virgo with the lot of accusation (also known as the lot of injury), and both the 8th from fortune and injury are ruled by Mercury, which happens to be conjunct Pluto on the ascendant. Mercury becomes the cause of the danger, representing things like traffic accidents, public speeches, etc... Because it is in Leo, in the 10th from fortune, if anything happens, it would be in the limelight. This is probably the most dangerous thing in his chart, and sometimes assassins are represented by Pluto, but overall, he has fewer danger signs for violent death than John McCain. However, I would be concerned for anyone elected to this office in 2000, and Bush is no exception.

I have a couple of quick observations relating to eminence indicators here. First of all, each of the 4 eminence indicators (fortune, spirit, basis and exaltation) are in pivots (angular) indicating they are functioning at full power. The lords of Spirit and Exaltation are in the 10th from fortune and on the ascendant. The lord of the lot of Basis only declines. A very high degree of eminence is indicated, more so than in John McCains chart. Another interesting observation is that Accusation falls with Mars and is witnessed by Saturn without being witnessed by either of the benefics. This is a situation in which most of the ancients agreed, that if he would have been less eminent, he would have been incarcerated, especially because it falls in the "Gate of Hades" (2nd house) which is described as a cause of being under bonds (slavery). This would have been most likely under the times of Mercury, or Mars (especially Virgo) for fortune or spirit. We can probably expect scandal (if he is elected) when they become chronocrators for spirit or fortune. It will probably be in the area of campaign finance or something related to how he acquired funds as the accusation is in the place of acquisition (the 11th sign from fortune).

Also, the lot of nemesis falls in Scorpio with Fortune, and it's lord is with accusation. Nemesis represents what we are vulnerable to and what undoes us and brings us to our end which could mean secret dealings, the CIA, assassins or other manifestations of Scorpio. The Lot of the destroyer is also with fortune (because the lord of the Ascendant is the Sun). I'm not sure what to make of this but it can't be good, and almost sounds like assassination due to a money plot gone bad, but this would be the outer extreme interpretation.

Lastly, it is obvious that all of the planets are in a tight bucket formation indicating one who is focused and specialized. If anyone ever accuses him of being narrow in his approach it just might stick.

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