Al Gore and the Presidential Death Cycle

© 2000 Curtis Manwaring

Having recently done the two other presidential candidates charts, I will finish with a look at Al Gore's chart with an eye towards the indicators of violent death:

Al Gore birth chart

The time of birth looks fairly accurate. The first indicator according to Valens:

"When the lord of the Conjunction or Whole Moon of the nativity should happen to be in aversion to the zoidion or should fall amiss while being witnessed by a malefic, it indicates violent death."

The Moon was waning when Al Gore was born, so we seek the position of the prenatal whole Moon. It was at approximately 4° Libra. Therefore the lord of the whole Moon is Venus. Venus is in aversion to the sign of the whole Moon (Libra), but it doesn't fall amiss being in the 10th zoidion from the ascendant. It is squared by both Saturn and Mars. If the Greeks meant that witnessing is an aspect cast foreward in the order of the signs then Al Gore's chart does not fit this condition precisely, since the 2 malefics are hurling rays back at Venus. This could hardly be considered comforting. I would guess that the danger level for this indicator is somewhere in between that of Bush's and McCain's charts.

The 2nd indicator according to Valens:

"Similarly also, if Hermes should be opposed to the Whole Moon while being witnessed by a malefic, it produces a bad cause of death."

This indicator is not fulfilled, since Mercury is not opposed to it.

The 3rd indicator according to Valens:

"And if Kronos or Ares or Hermes (Saturn, Mars or Mercury respectively) should be present upon zoidion of the fortieth day, it indicates violent death.&quot

Fourty days after birth would put the Moon in the opposite sign from which it started, which is Cancer in the 12th. None of the planets listed above are in this place, so this indicator is not fulfilled.

The 4th indicator according to Valens:

"Similarly also, when malefics happen to be upon the descendant or pre-descendant, they also produce violent death and causes of ailments and bad deaths."

The Moon was in the 6th house (the pre-descendant). Under some circumstances the lights can be considered to be malefic, but I can't remember what these are right now. Most likely this indicator is not fulfilled.

The 5th indicator according to Valens:

"And the eighth place from the Horoskopos (the Ascendant) also possesses the same power in relation to the causes of death..."

Here we see Mercury in Pisces in the 8th and Jupiter is its lord. These are not particularly violent in nature.

The last indicator according to Valens:

"...and similarly with the 8th place from the Lot of Fortune (Also known as the deadly place). It is necessary then, to examine upon what zoidion the Lot (of fortune) and its lord happen to be." For these zoidia the cause of death are shown ahead of time...

Fortune was in Aries joined to the Sun in the place known as "The God". The deadly place is then Scorpio and its lord Mars is on the ascendant, joined by Saturn. This and the first indicator are the only ones that look like they could cause problems for Al Gore. I'd say the danger is comparable to what is in Bush's chart, but they both fall short of the danger indicators in John McCains chart.

I have a few observations relating to eminence indicators in Gore's chart. The lord of the lot of fortune falls in the sign of the Midheaven and is exalted. The lord of basis is Saturn, in the 10th sign from spirit. The lord of basis hands over to the exaltation of the nativity. The exaltation is at 12° Leo and its lord, the Sun, hands over to fortune, in the sign of the midheaven. The lord of spirit (Mars) and exaltation (the Sun) are in mutual reception, and the lord of spirit culminates with respect to itself on the Ascendant. The lord of spirit also is handing over to Exaltation and culminating with respect to itself. These indicators are all very strong and comparable to Gov. Bush's eminence indicators. Their eminence indicators both overshadow John McCain by a substantial margin. If this is any indication, I'd say this will be a relatively tight race this fall.

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