Election 2020 in Hindsight

© 2017 Curtis Manwaring

Forget the temporally anachronistic title. I'm not writing as a time traveler from the future, but re-examining ideas about the 2020 election I've had from the past. The occasion is a video that Patrick Watson released on the subject:


I had addressed a few of the issues in that video (such as run for Massachusetts governor) in my article on the 2012 election but didn't focus on the foreshadowing period of 2012 = 2020 because I felt that if Romney was going to win, he would have a better chance during either 2016 or 2024 because those are both periods when he's under his 10th from fortune spirit period on L2. This last election demonstrated the flaw in that logic (of using eminent periods as indicators of who would win).

I missed the fact that the south node was traveling over his midheaven until a few months before the 2016 election, but I think it's quite possible that Romney could re-enter the race during 2018 - 2020. We've been seeing for quite a while now that events that happen during the foreshadowing period tend to repeat when the loosing of the bond happens. To understand what this is, see the above video.

What this suggests though is that something happens to Trump where he decides not to run again (I suggested what that might be in the article on the 2016 election). One has to remember that both Sanders and Hillary will also be in peak periods in 2020. About the only thing I'm comfortable in saying at this time is that if Romney wins in 2020, then he's likely to be re-elected in 2024 because he will be in a 10th from fortune Scorpio period. Whoever ends up in this position will be under even greater pressure than Lincoln was under during the USA civil war. One also has to consider if these candidates will still even be alive and the many other unknown candidates waiting in the wings with winds that happen to bring them to the election portal.

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