Time Lord Testimony in Ralph Nader's Birth Chart

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Ralph Nader recently announced that he was running for president again as an independent (not on the Green party ticket as he says because of their June enrollment deadline being too late). Below is the birth chart of Ralph Nader as shown by my new program Delphic Oracle: (v 5.0)

birth chart of Ralph Nader

First I will take a look at his eminence indicators to see if the cosmic soul can clearly see the testimony in the cosmic courtroom about his life. [1] Again, my program does not take into account all of the factors necessary to make an accurate assessment of eminence and judged this chart as average. For this reason you really need to examine each indicator to see if special circumstances apply that aren't indicated by the basic indicators in the program. As in Arnold's Schwarzenegger's chart, Ralph has the lord of one of the 4 lots conjunct the ascendant. It was Venus, lord of his lot of exaltation. Venus is therefore asking that this individual be lifted up in importance. [2] Venus on the ascendant has the ability to make a politician popular and well liked by the crowds. Also as in Schwarzenegger's chart he has the lot of Exaltation conjunct Jupiter, but in Libra in the 9th house of law and philosophy. As I said about Arnold's chart, Jupiter, because it is naturally elevated, when conjunct the lot of exaltation, lifts it to an even higher place so that this is especially emphasized. This clearly accounts for his magna cum laude graduation from Princeton and graduation with honors from Harvard (as the 9th is said to be the place of higher education). His interest in law is a combination of Jupiter in the scales trine to Saturn in the man (and his outspokenness is due to Uranus in the 3rd opposite Jupiter).

Since this is a nocturnal chart we seek the Moon, and it was in Leo, of the fire trigon. Therefore, Jupiter, the Sun and Saturn are the trigon lords of the light of the time. They are in middling condition because Jupiter is declining (cadent), the Sun is post-ascensional (succeedent) and Saturn is pivotal (angular). What is interesting is that the order suggests that he starts out in a relatively humble position (declining Jupiter - although not that humble because it is with exaltation), improves slightly through the times of the Sun (in post-ascension) and eventually becomes very important in later life (Saturn pivotal). Because of Saturn's glorious position of being pivotal in his own sign, we know that when Saturn becomes a chronocrator for the times it will usually be propitious for him. [3] Venus and Jupiter are favorable periods as well because of their connection to the lot of exaltation and Venus's presence on the ascendant (Venus is probably the more favorable of the 2, since Jupiter is declining, hence relatively inactive). Venus is also of the sect in favor, so it's testimony cannot be refuted. [4] Moon periods are favorable because it is with fortune in a pivot and witnesses both benefics Venus and Jupiter. The Sun and Mercury periods are more problematic (the Sun less so), because they are with Mars, and Mars' testimony is irrefutable. [5] Mars is also a relatively difficult period, but it is muted in difficulty because it is in the water trigon at night. Perhaps Mercury periods present the most difficulty because it is retrograde, and going into combustion approaching the malefic, Mars, and in its fall. Because it is in fall, the cosmic soul regards the testimony of Mercury as being of less importance or lacking in merit. [6] Schmidt also says that a retrograde planet takes back what it gives at a later time, so the effects of a Mercury period are likely to be later reversed. [7]

There are other eminence indicators present in this chart as shown by the 4 lots. First, the lord of Spirit (the Moon) hands over to Fortune in Leo. Then the lord of Fortune, the Sun, hands over to Basis in Pisces. The Lord of Basis (Jupiter) then hands over to exaltation. Last, the lot of Exaltation lord (Venus) hands over to the ascendant. Valens says that when the lords of these lots exchange places like this, that they (the natives) become estimable. [8] Jupiter is also conjunct the bright fixed star Spica, a star known for it's good fortune. With regard to the lot of Exaltation, Valens had this to say:

We have found a certain place to be mystical, and by experience we take by day from the Sun at birth to Aries (which is it's exaltation) and by night from the Moon to Taurus, and equal amounts from the horoskopos. And wherever it should leave off, consider this place and it's ruler. For if it should be found to be marking the hour, or culminating, especially upon a pivot point of the Lot [of Fortune], this figure fortells one who is royal... [9]

This is what was happening with Nader's lord of the lot of exaltation because it (Venus) was marking the hour (on the ascendant) and was in a pivot point with respect to the lot of Fortune (since fortune was also itself on a pivot).

What I want to focus on is his Moon in the 7th conjunct Fortune because he is known as being a public (7th house) advocate for consumer protections (the Moon). Now ordinairly the Moon in Leo can be quite selfish because Leo represents "the One" as opposed to Aquarius which represents the needs of the many. The reason the Moon's expression of selfishness is negated is because it's lord, the Sun, is in Pisces (the 8th from itself) which represents the death of the ego, or in this case the death of personal needs. Because ego dies in Pisces, compassion is also made possible. Unfortunately for the Moon, it is not fortunate for it's lord to be in aversion because it means that the requests of the Moon (the public's and his personal needs) do not get a hearing in the courtroom of the cosmic soul. [10] This explains on a personal level why he has lived a very spartan existence despite his personal wealth (It is said he spends less than 10,000/yr on himself). It also does not bode well for him maintaining wide public support as in addition to this he would likely call for many sacrifices from the public (for the public good) due to his Saturn/Moon opposition. Ralph is also personally represented by Saturn (lord of his ascendant) in Aquarius, so denial (Saturn opposite Moon) of personal needs in favor of the needs of the many (Aquarius) is probably something he identifies with. Also, the north node in the first house indicates that self is not something that he is used to dealing with.

Because he has led a rather monastic and unselfish existence and because his chart has high eminence, the time lords in his chart will frequently indicate what is happening to other people, or his experience of the world around him, rather than himself directly. In other words we wouldn't necessarily interpret difficulties with his natal Moon as problems in his personal life (though they may happen), but as difficulties the consumer public is experiencing. If we look to the zodiacal releasing (aphesis) from the lot of Fortune in this case we might see what is happening in his successes or failures in consumer legislation: (in addition to personal issues)

Start Dates of Major and Sub Periods For:
Ralph Nader - Lot of Fortune/Moon
Le major and sub - 2/27/1934
        Vi sub - 9/20/1935
        Li sub - 5/12/1937
        Sc sub - 1/7/1938
        Sa sub - 4/2/1939
        Cp sub - 3/27/1940
        Aq sub - 6/15/1942
        Pi sub - 12/1/1944
        Ar sub - 11/26/1945
        Ta sub - 2/19/1947
        Ge sub - 10/17/1947
        Cn sub - 6/8/1949
        Aq sub - 6/28/1951
Vi major and sub - 11/19/1952    
        Li sub - 7/12/1954
        Sc sub - 3/9/1955
        Sa sub - 6/1/1956
        Cp sub - 5/27/1957
        Aq sub - 8/15/1959
        Pi sub - 1/31/1962
        Ar sub - 1/26/1963
        Ta sub - 4/20/1964
        Ge sub - 12/16/1964   <--- Published "Unsafe at any Speed"
        Cn sub - 8/8/1966          (Gemini = books, automobiles)
        Le sub - 8/27/1968
        Pi sub - 3/20/1970
        Ar sub - 3/15/1971
        Ta sub - 6/7/1972
Li major and sub - 8/6/1972    
        Sc sub - 4/3/1973                
        Sa sub - 6/27/1974
        Cp sub - 6/22/1975
        Aq sub - 9/9/1977
        Pi sub - 2/26/1980
Sc major and sub - 6/25/1980  <--- Reagan Era - the start of
        Sa sub - 9/18/1981         numerous legislative failures
        Cp sub - 9/13/1982         and repealing of protections
        Aq sub - 12/1/1984
        Pi sub - 5/20/1987
        Ar sub - 5/14/1988    <--- Reagan Era ends - 
        Ta sub - 8/7/1989          Bush senior takes over
        Ge sub - 4/4/1990
        Cn sub - 11/25/1991
        Le sub - 12/14/1993   <--- Clinton Era begins
Sa major and sub - 4/8/1995
        Cp sub - 4/2/1996
        Aq sub - 6/21/1998
        Pi sub - 12/7/2000    <--- Clinton Era ends
        Ar sub - 12/2/2001
        Ta sub - 2/25/2003
        Ge sub - 10/23/2003
        Cn sub - 6/14/2005
Cp major and sub - 2/4/2007   <--- Inactive major period generally 
        Aq sub - 4/24/2009         (because it is declining)
        Pi sub - 10/11/2011
        Ar sub - 10/5/2012
        Ta sub - 12/29/2013
        Ge sub - 8/26/2014
        Cn sub - 4/17/2016
        Le sub - 5/7/2018
        Vi sub - 11/28/2019
        Li sub - 7/20/2021
        Sc sub - 3/17/2022
        Sa sub - 6/10/2023
        Cn sub - 6/4/2024    <--- (loose bond, darkness to light)
        Le sub - 6/24/2026                  
        Vi sub - 1/15/2028
        Li sub - 9/6/2029
        Sc sub - 5/4/2030
        Sa sub - 7/28/2031
        Cp sub - 7/22/2032

Nader's first significant appearance on the public scene was after publishing his book "Unsafe at any Speed" in 1965. This was under a Virgo/Gemini period. Mercury (lord of Gemini and Virgo) is correlated to such things as publishing and automotive transportation. (While this by itself doesn't stand out as being significant, there may be directions activating Mercury that I have not seen.) Mercury was with Mars, so any notoriety that comes from a Mercury period is likely to be turbulent, and controversial as the period was.

In the years before and after that book, he founded many organizations to help protect consumers and he was able with some success to continue through the 60's and 70's. He was at a career peak during his Libra major period when Jupiter and the lot of exaltation were activated. During this period he met and worked with president Jimmy Carter. When 1980 came, the zodiacal releasing for Fortune handed over to the pivot of Scorpio which because of Mars (and Mercury retrograde having to return to former legal rulings) indicated an active period of numerous defeats. Scorpio often indicates problems that come from underhanded or stealth tactics. Nader widely regarded the Reagan Era as being one of the worst for consumer protections and corporate greed. This is not surprising since the Moon is depressed in Scorpio (which means that the testimony of the Moon would be given little merit during a Scorpio period).

As for his chances to be elected president, they are slim at best; mostly because most people do not vote their conscience anymore - but vote for who they think has the best chance of winning so they don't have to feel bad about voting for a sure loser. This is why polling numbers are so valuable an asset to corporate america: they are really about telling you how you should vote, because if we didn't know any better, Nader might actually be the most popular choice. It might make the public believe that it is possible for him to be elected and they can't have that level of uncertainty on Wall Street. Personally I find it disturbing, that both Kerry and Bush are bonesmen from Yale (I knew the fix was in as soon as I heard Kerry was a bonesman). As Nader said, the differences between the 2 parties are outweighed by their corporate sponsored similarities. While I support Nader's positions as ultimately being best for the country, if he was elected, it could be disastrous in the short term, because you can bet that the big money interests will find a way (legal or otherwise) to protect their profits and corporate corruption. Corporations would leave the USA in droves, extracting all of their assets and basing them in 3rd world nations (like they are now) and Nader would be left with a 3rd world nation where "white flight" takes on a new meaning. Perhaps when the USA has fallen as a power (this happens to all nations as history shows), Nader, if he's still alive would have a chance. But before that happens you can be sure that the corporate crooks (like those from the Keating 5, Enron or WorldCom) will get away with the loot, create new identites if necessary, etc...

Essential Dignities:


Eminence Indicators:

Trigon Lords of the Light of the Time: (Moon)

Trigon LordsCosmic StateW/Regard to FortuneFamiliarly Situated
Lot / Part

Valens Lot Eminence Indicators:Present
Lord of Fortune in 10th from Fortune-
Lord of Spirit in 10th from Fortune-
Lord of Exaltation in 10th from Fortune-
Lord of Basis in 10th from Fortune-
Lord of Fortune in own Domicile-
Lord of Fortune hands over to Spirit-
Lord of Fortune hands over to Exaltation-
Lord of Fortune hands over to BasisYes
Lord of Spirit in own Domicile-
Lord of Spirit hands over to FortuneYes
Lord of Spirit hands over to Exaltation-
Lord of Spirit hands over to Basis-
Lord of Exaltation in own Domicile-
Lord of Exaltation hands over to Fortune-
Lord of Exaltation hands over to Spirit-
Lord of Exaltation hands over to Basis-
Lord of Basis in own Domicile-
Lord of Basis hands over to Fortune-
Lord of Basis hands over to Spirit-
Lord of Basis hands over to ExaltationYes

Miscellaneous Eminence Indicators:Present
Ascendant Lord in the 10th-
Lord of 10th in Ascendant-

Hermetic Lots:

Lot / Part NamePositionDomicileExaltationTrigonBound
Fortune22 Le 52
Spirit7 Cn 15
Exaltation17 Li 45
Basis15 Pi 41
Necessity (Hermes)27 Le 6
Eros (Aphrodite)0 Vi 48
Courage (Ares)25 Le 30
Victory (Zeus)15 Ta 22
Nemesis (Kronos)28 Cn 17
Father17 Aq 5
Mother22 Cn 44
Siblings28 Ta 36
Children1 Li 31
Sons27 Ge 25
Daughters15 Ta 30
Marriage (women - Paulus)13 Aq 10
Marriage (men - Paulus)16 Cp 57
Marriage (women - Valens)3 Vi 3
Marriage (men - Valens)29 Sa 56
Marriage (general)14 Li 37
Debt1 Cp 14
Theft22 Aq 42
Treachery19 Cp 53
Accusation2 Cp 51

HTML generated by Delphic Oracle Main chart and table glyph graphics are copyright © 2003-2004 by Curtis Manwaring. More info on Hellenistic astrology can be found at Project Hindsight.


1. This is logic based upon Robert Schmidt's reconstruction of the System of Hermes.
2. Ibid.
3. Because Saturn is not of the sect in favor, Schmidt says that Saturn's testimony can be subject to refutation or qualification.
4. Ibid. (The reverse of the above).
5. Because Mars is of the sect in favor.
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