Degrees & Zodiacal Aphesis on the WTC Attack

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The WTC attack has upset me, looking the event natal chart compared with USA chart, I’ve found some astrological factors that seems me interesting. I start to analize the lot of nemesis called by Al Biruni lot of prison + escape degree, I’ve assumed the 8.48 am for the first hint because, the degree is in 25th Scorpio, above is possible to read the complete description to the symbol according W. Koppejan I’ve underlined some parts that fit in a dramatic way to the event.

25th degree scorpio

First Image, Outer Symbol

A man is swimming with calmness and confidence in a turbulent sea.


This is a degree of 'self-abnegation' according to Janduz. It symbolises an enlightened human of the so-called 'Terra Nova' or 'New Earth', who throws himself into danger to rescue others. He does not see the horizon for a time, as he gives himself so completely to the problems of others that he is even held responsible for those he rescues. Nobody really gives a helping hand to save these rescuers in their turn. However, the Higher Self consciousness of those with this degree prominent lives in accordance with the Latin maxim Luctor et Emergo - 'I struggle and emerge from' - as a swimmer.

These people often undergo very tragic life experiences (the turbulent sea), which as this is a Scorpio degree may have to do with death, but nothing can prevent them from wrestling through. They may annoy fainter hearts by their persistence. They will throw themselves in at the deep end, time and again, each time becoming more passionate (Sc.) in their efforts to save.

On the physical level these efforts may indeed be concerned with life-boat work at sea, but one also has to interpret this image on the psychological and spiritual level, especially for those with the Moon or Sun here.

The sea may also be interpreted as the emotions of the common people en masse, through which these people have to swim as politicians or even as advisers on the fluctuating stockmarket (Tau. opp. Sc.). The efforts of these men (or women) may be undermined by the transactions of others, and they may go so far as to take on other people's debts, even those of their own enemies. Struggling with the ill will of those they seek to help, they manage to drag them through.

Their spirit is all goodness, their sense of sacrifice is great. In whatever precarious circumstances they may be, one always senses that they are fundamentally invincible. Even when things seem hopeless and nobody else has faith or strength (Sag. fore-axis), they still have an inner resource.

However, they may sacrifice themselves for unworthy ends (neg. Sag.), in such situations as those where they take on the troubles of their own enemies. This saps their own life-energy. That can happen, especially, if they are involved in science, when their researches may suddenly come to a crisis-point as they realise they are sacrificing themselves for a branch of research that brings about only turbulence and death.

They seldom receive any great reward for the exercise of their great gifts. Metaphorically, they need to be shielded from the hidden dangers (Sc.) of false friends and slanderers. They have to work hard, and indeed throw all their energy into life, but they must also be aware that they are vulnerable unless they ask for inner protection from the perilous currents embedded in society. They have to be content with humble positions.

On a high level they may be of invaluable worth to the medical profession, in rescuing lives and doing research in 'no-man's-land', helped by occult inner forces to penetrate deeper into the mysteries of death and the world beyond, in order to save life and to bring about the new Utopian earth. They are exceptional personalities, with a great hidden insight into the future.

Second Image, Inner Symbol

Thanks to an accurate X-ray diagnosis, a man's life is saved.


This is one of the few degrees of the zodiac where the first and second images miraculously fit each other (NB the first came from Middle Eastern tradition, the second from Celtic, which are miles apart for a swimmer). This is a modern image, but the symbol is age-old.

When these people have gone through the sea (Neptune) of misery and tragedy, there comes a penetrating (Sc.) ray from another world, which makes them completely independent of earthly circumstances. Their insight becomes based on the X-ray factors in life that determine and show the deepest realities. They see through all appearances to the truth behind. They know what kind of supernormal science will save humanity. For them there is no resistance to the fulfillment of their task. They study cosmology, prophecy, mysticism and Wisdom. They work with the Saviour to save, and to prepare the New Age for a true 'Terra Nova', a New Earth (Sc. grail).

Another lot that is important in this event is the so called lot of Catastrophe, this is a modern lot calculated in this way:

ASC + Ura – Sat is exactly conjuncted with Mars in the USA natal chart in the first figure at the end of the article, others significatives conjuctions in the synastry between the USA chart and the event are: Saturn above Mercury and the event ascendant; the event lot of fortune over natal Mercury retrograde, the conjuction – opposition between the Moon’s Node and Venus in the USA chart, and the the conjuction – opposition beetween the Moon’s Node in USA chart and Neptune of the event, if we look the houses ruled from these planets in the two charts we find others significative elements.

Another surprising factor are the zodiacal aphesis that I’ve calculed starting from the lot of spirit in the USA chart, Gemini sub and Capricorn L3 and L4 that start the 10th September, again Mercury and Saturn.

zodiacal aphesis for the USA chart

birth chart of the USA

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