Delphic Oracle 5 Online Help

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Restore Defaults button

If you have made modifications and you aren't sure what the default was, click on the Restore Defaults Button.  This will set the checkboxes back to the original defaults.  This area only affects the Decennials time lord procedure for now.  Valens says that the lot of Eros and Necessity can make a place more busy (chrematistikos).  It might not be the hermetic lots based upon Mercury and Venus, but instead the lots of Basis and the alternative above the horizon.  This program assumes the first, that Eros and Necessity were the lots based upon Mercury and Venus.  This is actually a moot point though because nowhere else in the program do I make use of these checkboxes except to try to calculate the Decennials.  If you have user defined Decennials set in the time lord options (F5 - Decennials Tab) where you select the start point, then it doesn't matter.

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