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Hellenistic solar return style

The Hellenistic solar return is calculated in the same way as the modern return as far as the positions of planets are concerned.  In this technique, the Moon is used to determine the rising sign of the solar return chart.  While the Sun is in the same sign as the one at birth, you watch the Moon until it returns to its natal degree, and that is supposed to indicate the rising sign.  What is interesting is that the Moon goes through 1 portion in the same amount of time that one sign rises and the Moon is responsible for sending the effluents from the planets to the terrestrial sphere as determined by the ascendant.

What is not known is what degree to use for the rising degree and whether one uses the actual degree and minute of the return of the Moon or the return to the start of that degree.  This program assumes a return to the exact degree and minute.  Keep in mind that topocentric coordinates will affect the position of the Moon (due to parallax) by as much as 1 degree.  Schmidt has proposed the possibility that the degree of the rising sign in the solar return is the same as the degree of the translting lord of the year.  This is a speculation.  Alternatively you can use the actual degree rising at the time of the lunar return while the Sun is in the sign of birth.

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