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Calendar setting

As with many time lord systems the length of the year is a consideration in the Zodiacal Releasing system.  There are 3 possibilities based upon the Valens text.  Most likely he was using the ideal 360 day year, but the Modern year (using the length of the solar year) can be tested.  The second option is to use the ideal year of 360 days per year that gives 30 years/months for the Capricorn period.  The Modern style also uses 30 for Capricorn (minor years of Saturn).  The 3rd type that Valens used was to use the 360 day year with 1/4 of the greater years of the Moon (108) which comes to 27.  We've been getting spectacular results at the 3rd and 4th levels when using the Valens option so this is the default.

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