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Glyph Separation

The Glyph Separation value is available on the Options Tab in the scrollbox labeled "Chart Display Options":

Image glyph-sep.GIF

When calculating planet positions, it is possible that any number of planets will fall closely together in a small span of the zodiac.  If glyphs were nothing more than dots on a screen, plotting them without obscuring some of the glyphs would rarely be a problem.  However because a glyphs font size (angular width from the left to the right) is often 3 or more degrees, when 2 planets are closer together than this, one of the glyphs will overlap the other and make the display less readable.

The glyph separation value represents the minimum number of degrees in zodiacal longitude that must separate one glyph from the next.

You can enter an angular value between 0 and 6 degrees.  Any decimal (real number) value is allowed within this range.  Values above 6 would rarely be needed (and would not look very good) - and only if the user is running an extremely small monitor resolution (say 640 x 480).

When setting the glyph separation value, you should consider your screen size and other considerations to get the best balance between accuracy and readability.

Screen Size Considerations

When considering what value to set for glyph separation consider these factors:

1.  The size of your screen.  If you are using a large area on the screen, the glyph separation value can be smaller because the glyphs have a smaller relative angular diameter on a larger screen.

2. The size of the glyph font.  The larger the font, the larger the angular diameter.  This would vote for a larger glyph separation value.

A few trial and error sessions should get it to your satisfaction.

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