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Planet Going About

This is the planet that has dominion over the day or night.  According to astrologers, this planet along with the sect sets the background influences for the time period indicated.  This is the "material" ("hule" in Greek) component which is further shaped into a form (outcome - "eidos in Greek").

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Important Note: Keep in mind that the planet that goes about for the day is the planet that has the first hour at sunrise and the planet that goes about at night is the planet that has the first hour at sunset.  This is one of the facts that proves the origin of the days of the week and why they go in the odd order that they do: Sunday/Sun, Monday/Moon, Tuesday/Mars... Saturday/Saturn.  Modern astrologers have ignored the issue of sect and say the same planet goes about for both day and night, but this is not what the ancients intended.  While the planetary hours stated in Solar Fire 4 are correct, the night going about lord they list is incorrect.  It is supposed to change at sunset, but they have it listed as the day lord continuing until the next sunrise.  See Guido Bonatti's "Liber Astronimae" written circa 1280 CE for proof.

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