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Date / Location to Search:

Enter the date by clicking in the field and typing the values from the keyboard or by clicking the up/down arrows of the spin edit or the down arrow of the combo box.

Image date-location.GIF

In this tab, you may search planetary hour times from 4,712 BC through 10,000 AD.  The ending time for a particular planetary hour is the start time of the next hour.  However, keep in mind that in certain periods of history in various locations, the standards for date observances varied.  Pope Gregory instituted calendar reform on Oct 5th, 1582 so that the date following Oct 4th, was Oct 15th, 1582.  If you enter a date in this intermediary non-existent period, this program assumes you are in the reformed calendar, minus the number of days before the 15th of Oct.

If you are searching for the hours in your current location and date, then you can bypass manual data entry by clicking the "Here / Now" button near the center of all the fields.  If you are looking for other locations and dates then you must modify the location and date settings accordingly.  Keep in mind that it is very important to synchronize the location and time zone settings.  Your planetary hour output will not make much sense if you enter coordinates for Bhopal, India if you also enter PST in the time zone field.

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