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What is Timaeus?

Timaeus is a system tray application that monitors birth charts and the current sky for changing astrological conditions and creates "daily horoscopes" for all monitored charts.  It also monitors your local horizon and meridian for current planetary transits and gives visual and audible alerts when an event is spotted.  Timaeus provides a quick look into the changes of mood during the day, which is sort of like a "personal astrological weather forecast".

An icon will be visible in the system tray that is a planetary glyph representing the current hour.  When hovering the mouse over the icon, a popup hint appears as shown below.  Hints that show up vary according to the astrological conditions in the sky and the alert conditions that you specify on the "Alerts Tab" section of this application.  Astrologers often use these indicators as a first look into horary charts (charts based upon the time of asking a question).

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While the planetary hour's true origin is something of a mystery, ancient astrologers used them to find the most auspicious time to start something important.  It was also used in horary astrology to see what influences were predominant for a given question.  A planet ruling a given hour will show certain types of events to be more prevalent than others and certain types of activities to be more favorable than others.

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