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House Delineations:

You can reach the house delineations in a similar way to reaching the sign delineations of a given planet.  There is one important difference though with reaching the house information: make sure you double click the planet or sign that you are interested in, instead of a single left button mouse click.

Note:  There is one pecularity with the house information that most astrologers will probably not be familiar with because this application uses the hellenistic "topical" style houses for "meanings".  Most astrologers use modern dynamical divisions (various forms of trisection of the angles of the ascendant and midheaven) for this purpose.  In hellenistic astrology, the sign itself (an animal of the zodiac) takes on the responsibility for a given area of life (and houses represent areas of life).  Think of Aries, for instance, taking on the "role" of the 9th house (or 9th topic).

We see the vestiges of this way of thinking in horary astrology where if we find that 27 - 30 degrees of a sign is rising, it might indicate that the "topic" or subject matter of the question is old or moot.  This is the same as regarding the sign as a topic to be judged as in the hellenistic whole sign system.

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