Delphic Oracle 4 Online Help

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Use of the Chart List:

Once you have created a birth chart or series of charts, and clicked the view chart menu or button, you will see a list of charts in the view chart window to the upper right hand corner.  All of the charts that you have in the main window are listed here so that you can switch between charts without going back to the main window.  Simply click a chart, or if the listbox already has the focus, use the up | down arrows to make your selection.

Image changechartview.GIF

If the above chart list is grayed out, make sure you have either Uni-Wheel of Square Chart selected in the "Chart View" combo box as shown above.  When a bi-wheel is showing it makes no sense to click a single chart - instead the two combo boxes below the Chart View become active and you switch charts using them, then click the Draw button below these and it will draw another bi-wheel arrangement.

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