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Circumambulations by minor period

The option is one of the strangest I've ever encountered.  Schmidt says that when directing by circumambulation the planet directed may have more (or less) minutes in its portion (degree) than the planet being directed to.  In one case there is a remainder and in the other case, there isn't.  Roughly 50% of the time there will be something left over when casting out degrees in this manner.  What he says is that if there is a remainder, that you should look to see if there are any rays cast into the span of that remainder as if the remains of years are a stepped down version of the months (remainder of years multiplied by 12 months, remainder of 12 months is multiplied by 30 days and remainder of days is multiplied by 24 hours), etc...

The first type limits the checking of rays to within the first 12 degrees of the multiplied remainder.  The second type would cast out the entire remainder to see if there were rays cast within that range.  There may be no rays, or several if there is a remainder, and they will show up in the Time Lord List where 3rd and 4th level divisions of sub periods are shown (by double clicking).

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