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Lines section

I have created a picture that shows the mapping of properties in the lines section to the chart as shown below:

Angle lines only:  If True, then house lines won't be drawn but angle lines for the ascendant, midheaven, descendant and imum-coeli will be drawn.

Angle line width:  This is the width of angle lines.  Usually it looks better if this is line is thicker than other house lines as it will make them stand out; especially when using whole sign house divisions.

House line style:  There are multiple styles available here and the line doesn't have to be a solid line.  However if the house line width is greater than 1, then it will be solid regardless of the setting here.

House line width:  This is the width of the house lines which show the divisions of the houses.

Standard line width:  This is the default line width for drawing wheels and is the most commonly used in the drawing routines.

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