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House numbering style

For this drop down listbox to be enabled, you need to have Whole Sign Houses as your house division type.  Press F3 and on the General Tab at top right select this house division.  If you change the orientation of the chart to one of the 3 types of fortune angles, then you may want to use fortune house numbers only.  The topical houses are the standard divisions from the ascendant (using the whole signs).  The fortune houses can be numbered with topical style, but most of the time the first fortune house is somewhere other than the ascending sign, so this may seem disorienting to you at first, so as a general rule use fortune houses numbering with fortune house orientation and topical house numbering with ascendant orientation.

If you display both fortune and topical houses then the topical house number appears first and the fortune second in this format:


The above means that the topical first house is the fortune 9th house.

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