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Kurios (Captain) wizard

The Kurios wizard will walk you through the list of planets and their qualifications.  This can be found in the System of Hermes menu under the Universal Hermetics sub menu.  Below is how it shows in the Universal Hermetics Report.  I have also labeled the rank / role descriptions of the chart below:

The following sections will be explained:

Rank / Role:  This is the authority that the planet has in the chart and is shown in the description key under the number placed in this column.  Some have more than one qualification and these planets have could have the greatest authority.

Horizonal fitness:  This shows whether a planet is angular, succeedent or cadent (pivotal, post-ascensional or declining).

Planetary fitness:  This indicates if a planet is able to rise to the challenge shown by the composite issues of whether the planet is retrograde and whether it is visible or not (can be seen).

Zodiacal fitness:  This indicates whether a planet is in its own places (hightly fit), the places of a sect mate (middling) or alien place (unfit).

Rank / Role description Key:  Below the list of potential officers in the middle of the Universal Hermetics Report is a list with numbers

Select Kurios button:  This button is provided at the end of the wizard and will be displayed on the Universal Hermetics Report printouts and Acrobat files.

Tyrannical Planets: These are planets that are in perfect condition (in own places, angular, and rising and direct), but have no authority over the hylegical places such as the Sun, Moon, Ascendant, Midheaven or Prenatal Lunation.  Some would add that a planet making a phasis has authority (helicacal rising or setting or change in direction (station)).

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