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Aspect List Tab

This is the alternate view to the Aspectarian.  The aspects listed here also indicate whether the conguration is from the superior or inferior side relative to the planet that is first.  The Synod will show something like Jupiter -> Mars which is showing Jupiter's relation to Mars in the synodic cycle.  There is of course a Mars -> Jupiter, but this isn't stated in the list because all you have to do is remember that one side is superior and the other is inferior.  The planet in superior position has the upper hand in most cases.

Configurations are listed as converging or diverging which is the same as applying and separating.  The elongation is listed as either increasing or decreasing which is just a numerical indication of whether the planets are getting closer together (bodily) or whether they are getting farther away from each other (bodily).  Some configurations are aspects proper, but more commonly they are testimony relations.  If there is a perfection of a converging configuration then it is at least testimony, but it is not in aspect (lookinng upon one another) until it is within 3 degrees.  Schmidt says that there might be an exception in the case of the Moon, but this is not certain: whether the Moon is in an aspect relation within a day and a night (or a testimony relation being restricted to 13 degrees for the Moon).

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