Delphic Oracle 5 Online Help

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Utilities Menu

The Utilities Menu has 3 important functions of the program and is shown in the picture below:

The following topics will be explained:

Derivative Charts

   Base chart listbox
   Chart details memo area
   Searching start date and time & now button
   Place (for relocation), latitude, longitude and time zone
   ACS Atlas button and checkbox for automatic lookup
   Decimal conversion and web location buttons
   Search direction
   Chart type to generate
      Hellenistic solar return
      Modern solar return
      Lunar return - effect of topocentric vs geocentric coordinates
      Planetary returns

Graphic Ephemeris

   Draw button
   Heliacal Phenomena special setting button
   Clear button
   Current date button
   Print button
   Save as gif image button
   Viewing gif image in default image viewer
   Graphic Ephemeris Options button
   Date field
   Period spin edit and time unit drop down list
   Interval checking drop down list
   Dial type drop down list
   Dots on graph as heliacal hover points
   Clicking on graph to get autogenerated charts
   Statusbar monitor fields at bottom

Rectification toolbar

   Rectified date and time spin edit fields
   Unit Inverval
   Update chart button and auto checkbox effect on spin edits
   Close button

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