Delphic Oracle 5 Online Help

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Chart type to generate

There are several derivative chart types and each type is explained below:

Hellenistic solar return:  This is a special type of solar return where the Moon returning (while the Sun is in the sign of birth) to its own position (a lunar return) indicates the rising sign.

Modern solar return:  This set up a chart for the exact time of the Sun's return to the natal location based upon natal or relocated position.

Lunar return:  This finds the exact time of the Moon's return to its natal position and gives the exact degree rising.  Pay special attention to topocentric vs geocentric issues.

Planetary returns:  These are the returns of Mercury, Venus, etc... to their natal positions.

3rd, 7th and 40th days of the Moon:  These are special charts in Hellenistic astrology that mark certain topics in the native's life.

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