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Important Note about Alert Priorities:

At any given time, only 1 alert will be shown.  This means that if for instance that both Mercury and Jupiter are in the same degree that only the alert for Mercury will show.  If they are exactly opposite each other, the planet on the ascendant or midheaven is the one that gets displayed bumping the descendant and IC alerts.  In general faster planets get higher priority and the ascendant out ranks the midheaven which outranks the descendant which out ranks the imum coeli.  BUT ABOVE ALL, the alerts that you specify that show at the top of the list of defined alerts will have precedence according to where they are on the list with the top listing having the highest priority.  For this reason I recommend that you think about what alerts you wish to have, and prioritize; then do them in the order of what is most important to you.  In the future, I may create a collection of "active alerts" that will allow more than one alert to be displayed marquee style, but I didn't think it that important.


For your information, all alerts are kept in a file called "Alerts.ret" in the same directory as "Timaeus.exe", which is a set of retained alerts.  You can rename this file, if you wish to disable all alerts temporarily, then rename it back to "Alerts.ret" when you wish to re-enable the alerts.  You must close and restart Timaeus for this to have any effect.  If you just want to silence them temporarily, then on the settings tab there is a check box you can select to do so.

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