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Transiting Aspect Orb

The transiting aspect orb referrs to the maximum number of degrees of slack there can be in an aspect between 2 planets from an ideal aspect.  For instance, a trine aspect is 120 degrees.  If Mars is at 3 Leo and Jupiter is at 4 Aries, then this is one degree off from exactitude.  Such an aspect would be added to the list of astrological indicators on the Horoscope Tab because it falls within range.  If Mars was at 10 Leo, then it would be 6 degrees past exactitude and it would be excluded unless you changed the below setting to 7 degrees.

Image aspect-orb.GIF

The higher you make this setting the more indicators that will be displayed, the lower the setting, the more exclusive.  The maximum allowed is 30 degrees.  This is here because tighter aspects are said to be more noticable in their effects.  Timaeus does not take into account whether the planet is a time lord, so this system is not perfect.  A planet that is a time lord is very powerful and can be very far off the orb and still be noticed.  To know which planets are time lords, you need to install my other program, Delphic Oracle.

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