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Chart Displays

Timaeus allows you to display the chart of the "current sky conditions" and natal charts in a number of ways.  On the Options Tab, you can specify that a chart of the current sky should be displayed whenever you double click the icon in the system tray.

Image ondoubleclick.GIF

The Chart that pops up looks something like this:

Image current-sky.GIF

You may also display natal charts you cast in the same way from the Birth Charts tab or the Horoscope Tab.  To display natal charts click on the View Birth Chart button that is prominently displayed.  You may also double click on a chart in the list on the same tab having the same effect.  On the Horoscope tab, double click the top left listbox containing a reference to the chart.

The window itself is resizable and will not distort the image.  The Glyphs can be customized for color and size, visibility as well as how far apart the minimum separation of glyphs should be (known as Glyph Separation).  When you hover the mouse over a glyph, a hint appears that is the same as in Delphic Oracle showing the domicile, exaltation, trigon and bound lord of that planet/point.

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