The Platonic Nature of Sect

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I've been using a method which applies the Greek philosophical concept of limit and the limitless, (or form and matter principles), to the issue of day/night sect. I'm getting interesting results which expand and clarify the reading of natal charts. In addition, I've been attending the series of lectures given by Robert Schmidt in Berkeley Springs on the "Education of the Theoretical Astrologer". The method I'm using directly correlates to the underpinnings of Greek philosophy which I encountered at these lectures. It has been a fortunate experience to have a front row seat and absorb the contents of these mini-conclaves, and I strongly recommend obtaining these philosophical gold mines on tape. For those of you new to the Project or in another country, the series of lectures come in boxed sets and can be purchased by contacting the Hindquarters. The expansion of consciousness will delight your senses and the proceeds will continue to nourish the tree of knowledge (Project Hindsight).

In order to illustrate the method I will utilize the limit/limitless concept in relation to sect. This allows one to visualize the following statements with greater ease. Feel free to develop this theory using the Greek concepts of form/matter,one/many, and same/other within this framework. Also, the examples given are just one of many possibilities of manifestation. Incorporating other factors such as perceiving the chart as a whole, environmental issues, sex, age, and nationality of the subject are other possibilities, (plus any other variables you can imagine).

Sect is not a matter of strength. It corresponds more to the FLOW of energy. Being in sect or out of sect will enhance or impede the natural flow without other factors being taken into consideration. A clearer way to describe this phenomenon is the term SYNC. A planet in-sync(sect) suggests that the energy has a natural timing to its flow. A planet out-of-sync(sect) suggests that the planet's energy flow is impeded and its timing is off in some manner. Take a few minutes to ponder the thought/sensation of your life circumstances or body when you are in-sync (flowing/feeling good) or out-of-sync (impeded/feeling frustrated). Get the picture? Feel the sensation? Because sect is so important to the rest of the chart, it's helpful to begin the ritual of reading the nativity with this metaphor in mind.

The conditions for in-sync(sect) and out-of-sync(sect) planets are as follows: the planets/energies that work well with the Sun are Jupiter and Saturn. The planets/energies that work well with the Moon are Mars and Venus. Mercury (LOGOS) is considered neutral and acts as an exchange point between the two principles (solar and lunar) but it has some sort of bond to the lunar sect (i.e. evening star).

Rule one...The Sun can't be completely out of sync/sect. (Rob Hand has since thought that it can be completely out of sect.) The Sun is the determining factor as to whether the whole chart is a day (solar) chart, (above the horizon), or night (lunar) chart, (below the horizon). The Sun is a LIMITING principle.

Rule two...The opposite hemisphere (southern/northern) from the physical position of the Sun will be the lunar FIELD, regardless of the position of the Moon. The Moon, unlike the Sun, CAN be completely out of sync/sect. The Moon is a principle of FLOW.

Rule three... The third determinant of sect is the masculinity or femininity of the sign that the planet occupies. Planets that work well with the Sun like to be in masculine signs. Planets that work well with the Moon like to be in feminine signs.

According to the position of the Sun, the chart is divided into two FIELDS. The solar field relates to the LIMITED, and the lunar field corresponds to the LIMITLESS.

Picture or draw two squares... Each 4"x4" of the squares is blank... the other has 16 smaller 1" squares that completely fill the 4"x4" area. The blank square will be the lunar field (limitless), and the other, the solar field (limited). In order for planets/energies to flow, there must be a constant cycle of input and output. The energies that flow well in the blank square lunar field (limitless), are the Moon, Mars, and Venus. The degree to which the planets are in-sync/sect will determine the level of impediment. The Moon, for example, when above the horizon in a lunar (or night chart), will exhibit its natural qualities of sensitivity and expression of emotions in a balanced way if it is in a feminine zoidion or sign. In other words, a person with the Moon in HAYZ (totally in sect), is more likely to sense another person's needs while still being able to express their own (FDR for example). This Moon resides in the limitless field or the blank square where no restrictions or rules are forced upon it.

However, if you put the Moon in its opposite condition, completely out of sync/sect, the Moon would be above the horizon in a day chart in a masculine zoidion. The Moon would then be in the solar field (limited) which is represented by the box with the 16 smaller squares. Conditions of structure now impede the Moon's ability to flow. The Moon has difficulty sensing, and acting out emotions in a flowing way. An example would be a person who is not sensitive to the needs of others and has a hard time expressing their inner feelings (Scrooge). Mars and Venus will act in a similar fashion. In the lunar field (limitless) Mars has freedom from restriction. You can throw a ball in an outdoor park with relative freedom, but if you were to perform the same action inside a greenhouse (limited field), malefic consequences are more likely to occur. Venus deals with comfort and relationships. Wearing shoes that are too small (limited field) creates discomfort. Putting conditions on love, (limited field), causes stress within relationships. Shoes should be comfortable and unconditional love, (limitless field), is stress free.

The energies that work well in the solar field (the box with squares) are the Sun, Jupiter, and Saturn. As stated earlier the Sun can never be completely out of sync/sect because it is always in its own field. Jupiter rules the expansion principle. In the solar/limited field, its limits are defined and the energy has an understanding of its capacity. Conversely, Jupiter in the limitless field will have a tendency for over-indulgence or dissipation. Saturn in the limited field is a decisive Saturn that deals with the facts. Saturn in the field of the limitless is less decisive and prone to make a decision based on feelings.

Using the flow principle, Saturn and Jupiter will have problems in the lunar field (limitless), and Mars and Venus in the solar field (limited). In Saturn's case, it receives more information than it can process. This creates a bottleneck at its output, possibly being manifested as frustration or fear. Jupiter's tendency will be to take on more than it can handle. It would be similar to having a valve stuck in the open position. Mars' energy in the solar field (limited) is restrained. The valve to the flow is stuck in the closed position with pressure building. Consequently, when the valve is opened, there is excessive pressure release. Venus and the Moon in the solar field (limited) suffer from lack of input. The restriction of input occurs because the structure is limiting the supply. An example of this is a dam controlling the amount of water it lets through.

One last point. The manifestations that arise will show a dominance of expression in the nativity. This means that the action is favored, but it is not a constantly repeating process. When testing the true nature of anything, stress has the natural ability to reveal faults. The ability to respond in an even tempered, focused manner under pressure is a sign of balanced flow.

These are the basic principles that I have been using with success. If anyone has questions feel free to ask. I will do my best to reply, it just might take awhile.

A special thanks to Bob and Ellen who always found the time to answer my questions. Also Keith McWilliams for helping me put my thoughts into written form.

Charles J. Bucek 4-25-1996

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