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For those of you looking for articles about zodiacal releasing and not finding it, this is because we were calling it "zodiacal aphesis" during the years 1995 - 2005. Schmidt didn't settle on this translation convention until the early 2000's and by then several of us were used to the Greek term "aphesis" so if you're searching for it using Google, you should include the term "aphesis" to get more complete results. The phrase "zodiacal releasing" didn't really gain traction until after Schmidt completed a workshop on the subject in early 2007. I wrote a program called "Zodiacal Aphesis" (now renamed Zodiacal Releasing) in 1997 due to the fact that most astrology software companies were ignoring our requests from Project Hindsight to include these techniques.

Date Title and Description
8-17-2017  Eclipse 2017: Decentralization and Infrastructure Inversion -  An article about the solar eclipse of 2017 explaining the trends toward decentralization and infrastructure inversion caused by the underlying technology behind bitcoin. Will we end up with Star Trek or Panopticon?
4-13-2017  Election 2020 in Hindsight -  No, I'm not a time traveler spilling the beans on the 2020 election to those of you from the past. I re-examine some ideas on zodiacal releasing and my past insights to the 2020 election with an important link to Patrick Watson's YouTube video on the subject of foreshadowing and the loosing of the bond.
3-24-2016  Election 2016, On Sanders, Clinton, Trump (and Romney?) -  An in depth examination of the birth charts of the presidential candidates amidst the backdrop of impending revolution. Also a video has been posted about the political career of Bernie Sanders.
3-16-2016  Primary Directions in Delphic Oracle -  This is an explanation of how primary directions work in Delphic Oracle with version 8 screen shots.
1-18-2015  Romney next US President? -  This chart seems to be saying something that goes commpletely against common sense (or the current political zeitgeist). What good is astrology if it can only predict what everyone already knows?
10-31-2013  The Mystery of 27 -  This is a strange personal anecdote straight from the twilight zone about the Capricorn Fortune period that I was in and the strange coincidences that transpired in the hours before and leading up to the loosing of the bond.
5-7-2012  Election 2012 - Obama vs Romney and Beyond -  I have finally figured out president Obama's chart and have an analysis of the presidential candidates. This article goes into broader issues than just the election and explains the zodiacal releasing technique.
3-8-2011  Charlie Sheen - Malefic Planets Behaving Eminently -  This article explains what is going on in Charlie Sheen's life, examines eminence procedures, universal hermetics and several time lord procedures from the Medieval and Hellenistic eras.
3-11-2010  A Hellenistic case for Evolutionary Astrology -  I had an insight into Rhetorius's statement about the reasons for the exaltation of the nodes in Gemini/Sagittarius as explained theoretically from the chart of the world (Thema Mundi) that has implications for evolutionary astrology and the journey of the soul.
2-10-2010  Advanced Considerations on Judging Eminence in a Birth Chart -  This article looks at the nature of the different kinds of fate to see how it affects the examination of eminence in a birth chart.
11-24-2009  On the Two Sects in Hellenistic Astrology -  This article argues for the merits that there was once a systematic approach to astrology and gives proofs into the logic involved from the perspective of the Thema Mundi and explains the recent history of thinking from two schools of thought in the astrological community about this subject.
12-23-2005  Concerning Predeceasing of the Parents - A look at the astrological techniques used by Hellenistic astrologers that were used to judge which parent dies first by looking at the charts of their children.
12-23-2005  A Brief History of Astrology - A look at the contributions of ancient astrologers and how the philosophy prevaling at the time influenced their approach to astrology.
12-23-2005  Concerning General Happiness and the Trigons - A conjecture about how the trigon lords influence happiness, using the birth chart of Kurt Cobain as an example.
12-23-2005  Significations of the Planets - An examination of the significations of the planets through general signification and local determination.
2-24-2004  Time Lord Testimony in Ralph Nader's Birth Chart - About the testimony of the time lords (zodiacal releasing) for the lot of fortune in Ralph Naders birth chart, and how they gave signs related to the consumer public during the Reagan era, before and beyond.
10-13-2003  Eminence Indicators in Arnold Schwarzenegger's Birth Chart - An examination of the birth chart of Arnold Schwarzenegger for eminence indicators that might explain his fame using zodiacal releasing. Also includes insight into what his governorship might mean for the people of California if he is still governor in 2010.
11-12-2002  Origin and Physics of the Sentient Universe - By John Hammelton. This in-depth philosophical discourse explains how it is possible that the universe is sentient with profound implications for the field of astrology.
3-15-2002  Exploring Eminence In Bill Gates' Birth Chart - An exploration of eminence indicators in the birth chart of Bill Gates with an important update concerning trigon lords.
3-12-2002  Fate vs. Free Will - The authors brief philosophical opinion of the roles of fate and free will and it's implications for astrology.
9-18-2001  The Lot of Nemesis Degree and the Zodiacal Aphesis on the WTC Attack - By Andrea Malvagna. This is a look at some of the astrological indicators in the chart for the attack on the World Trade Center using both the chart for the airline crash and the 2am chart for the USA.
9-12-2001  Attack on the World Trade Center - This is a look at the astrological indicators in the chart for the attack on the World Trade Center.
8-23-2001  Calculating the Hellenistic Solar Return and Profections - An explanation of the Greek method of calculating solar returns and profections according to Vettius Valens.
11-3-2000  Presidential Election 2000 Prediction - By David Stricker. Dave analyzes the charts of Gore and Bush using various time lord methods, such as zodiacal releasing (aphesis), profections, quarters of the Moon, etc. in an attempt to see who will win the election. A very lengthy analysis.
11-1-2000  Valens' Eminence Indicators in the Birth Charts of Presidential Candidates (2) - In part 1, David Stricker examined Vettius Valens' methods for detecting eminence in the birth chart. Now he examines the chart of George W Bush for these indicators.
10-31-2000  Valens' Eminence Indicators in the Birth Charts of Presidential Candidates (1) - David Stricker examines Vettius Valens' methods for detecting eminence then compares these indicators analyzing the birth chart of Al Gore. This is part one in a series to determine who will most likely become president.
5-12-2000  Election 2000: Al Gore and the Presidential Death Cycle - Examining the birth chart of Al Gore for indicators of violent death and eminence using classical Greek methods in an effort to get an idea who will most likely become president based upon the "presidential death cycle".
5-10-2000  Signification and Philosophy of the Greek Lots - Otherwise known as the arabic parts, this is an introduction to the philosophical hypostasis and formulation of the "hermetic lot" subset and their extrapolation to other lots.
3-20-2000  Metaphysical Principles of the Planets - A summary of the basic underlying principles which form the basis of the planets significations.
2-12-2000  Yahoo! Hack Attack and the Greek Lot of Theft - This article compares the greek lots of theft, treachery and accusation to show what the hackers intent is; with philosophical conjectures about the nature of the lot of theft and whether they might be caught or not.
2-7-2000  Election 2000: George W. Bush and the Presidential Death Cycle - An examination of the birth chart of George W. Bush for indicators of violent death and eminence using classical greek methods (such as zodiacal releasing) in an effort to get an idea who will most likely become president based upon the "presidential death cycle".
2-4-2000  Election 2000: John McCain and the Presidential Death Cycle - An examination of the birth chart of John McCain for indicators of violent death and eminence using classical Greek methods (such as zodiacal releasing) in an effort to get an idea who will most likely become president based upon the "presidential death cycle".
12-25-1999  Theory of Geocosmic Coincidence - The author examines the evolution of astrological correspondence theory from Hellenistic times to the present, looking at arguments both for and against astrology, proposing a hybrid theory of his own.
8-6-1999  Epoch Eclipse Now - A detailed insight into the Aug 11, 1999 eclipse about to take place by astrologer Emmett Chapman.
7-31-1999  Time Lord Testimony in JFK Jr's Deadly Flight - A detailed analysis of the zodiacal releasing (aphesis) for the ill fated flight of John Kennedy Jr. introducing the use of the lots of the destroyer and the climateric year.
11-10-1998  The Aquarian Paradox - Examines the inconsistencies in meaning and signification of the sign Aquarius contrasting the meanings of Saturn and Uranus.
8-20-1998  Finding the Hyleg and Alchocoden: Research in Life Expectancy - A summary of the various techniques for finding the hyleg and alchocoden, forming general principles suitable for research in life expectancy with philosophical conjectures about other possible uses.
11-8-1997  Violent Deaths and Suicides - Article by Dave Stricker applying Valens' indicators for violent death to the example charts of Kurt Cobain, Hemingway, Hitler and Andrew Cunanan.
11-8-1997  Violent Deaths and Assassinations - Astrological indicators for the deaths of JFK, RFK, MLK and Lee Harvey Oswald are examined by Dave Stricker using the methods of Valens.
11-8-1997  Lot of Accusation and Nixon - Article by Dave Stricker showing how to use the lot in an actual example.
11-8-1997  Lot of Accusation and O.J. Simpson - Article by Dave Stricker showing another example of how to use the lot of accusation.
11-8-1997  Indicators of Violent Death - Dave Stricker outlines Vettius Valens method for finding indicators in the birth charts of those prone to violent death.
9-15-1997  Zodiacal Releasing (Aphesis) and Planetary Period Chronocrators - An introduction to the technique used by Vettius Valens for finding important periods in a person's life by profecting the lots of fortune and spirit in accordance with the minor periods of the domicile lords of the zoidia.
8-21-1997  The Use of Sect in a Birthchart - About the difference between diurnal and nocturnal charts and it's links to Greek philosophical origins.
6-29-1997  The Symbolic Meaning of Planetary Size - An examination of the symbolic coincidences in nature through measurement with an attempt to find an underlying meaning.
4-25-1996  The Platonic Nature of Sect - By Chuck Bucek. A remarkable insight into the nature of sect using the Platonic ideas of limit and limitless.

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