Astrological Houses

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1-23-2001   Astrological House Significations - A lenghty explanation of each of the 12 houses that integrates the concepts of sect and aristotelean qualities. Each has sections for the planets in each house or as lord of that house, for looking up your birth chart positions and understanding their effect on your life.    1. The Horoskopos - Also the helm, life and breath, appearance.  2. The Gate of Hades - Movable posessions, significations for career.  3. The Goddess of the Moon - Siblings, relatives and commerce.  4. The Subterraneous Place - Heritage and family supports, dwellings.  5. The Good Fortune - Children, expendatures, love and expression.  6. The Bad (or evil) Fortune - Health, working conditions and enemies.  7. The Setting Place - Old age, marriage, partnerships.  8. The Idle Place (death) - Death, sacrifice, taxes and wandering.  9. The God of the Sun - Philosophy, dreams, kingship, religion.  10. The Midheaven (praxis) - Career, honor, reputation and visibility.  11. The Good Spirit - The acquisition, those who guide you well.  12. The Bad (or evil) Spirit - Neglect and anguish, those that lead astray, enemies.  
4-1-1996   House Division, Planetary Strength, and Cusps in Hellenistic Astrology - By Robert Schmidt. Explains the way in which the Greek astrologers viewed the roles that planets, signs and houses played and how this may help clear the controversy of house division.

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