Election 2000, John McCain and the Presidential Death Cycle

© 2000 Curtis Manwaring

In an earlier interview, I had stated that an examination of the charts of presidential candidates for indicators of violent death might bring some interesting insight into who might become the next US president. Knowing of John McCains dangerous episodes in the military, in Vietnam, without looking at the chart, I might guess that he should have more indicators for violent death than any of the other candidates running for president. However, presidential deaths in office have not been limited to assassination. It is therefore with caution that I embark upon this path since it cannot tell us who will be the next president with certainty. First lets look at the chart of John McCain:

John McCain birth chart

I should say that the 9:00 am birth time looks suspiciously inaccurate as times rounded to the hour often are, but the source says that it was based upon military time, born in the Panama Canal Zone and that the military tends to be precise in these matters. I hope the source also thought to check his security clearance ;) . The first indicator according to Valens:

"When the lord of the Conjunction or Whole Moon of the nativity should happen to be in aversion to the zoidion or should fall amiss while being witnessed by a malefic, it indicates violent death."

Since the Moon was waxing when Sen. McCain was born we seek the position of the prenatal conjunction. It was at approximately 24 Leo. Therefore the lord of this conjunction is the Sun. The Sun is both in aversion to the sign of the conjunction (Leo) and it falls amiss being in the 12th sign from the ascendant. It is witnessed by Saturn, which is in the sign opposite the Sun. (Witnessing is an aspect word meaning that it is in a Ptolemaic aspect by sign. The greeks did not use orbs.) The first indicator is fulfilled, confirming the danger of violent death. While not explicitly stated, it is interesting that the prenatal conjunction itself, was conjunct Mars. Venus and Jupiter both bear witness to the Sun as well (by conjunction and square respectively), but it is uncertain if these benefics make a way out of the danger for this specific indicator.

The 2nd indicator according to Valens:

"Similarly also, if Hermes should be opposed to the Whole Moon while being witnessed by a malefic, it produces a bad cause of death."

I don't know if this the literal full moon as in the birth chart, or if this is referring to those born under a waning moon; that the prenatal full moon was opposed to Mercury. In either case this indicator is not fulfilled.

The 3rd indicator according to Valens:

"And if Kronos or Ares or Hermes (Saturn, Mars or Mercury respectively) should be present upon zoidion of the fortieth day, it indicates violent death.&quot

Fourty days after birth (40 x 24 hours) puts the Moon at the Midheaven in Cancer. It is very close to Pluto, the planet of death and regeneration. Of course, for part of the 40th day, the Moon was in Leo conjunct Mars. There is nothing definite here either way, partly because of the ambiguity of the indicator.

The 4th indicator according to Valens:

"Similarly also, when malefics happen to be upon the descendant or pre-descendant, they also produce violent death and causes of ailments and bad deaths."

Saturn was in the 6th house (the pre-descendant). This indicator is fulfilled.

The 5th indicator according to Valens:

"And the eighth place from the Horoskopos (the Ascendant) also possesses the same power in relation to the causes of death..."

Dave Stricker had this to say about another politician with the same ascendant:

With the Libra Ascendant, Taurus is the eighth sign from it ... Valens describes this as a case where Venus, ruler of Libra is destroyed by itself as ruler of Taurus. He writes that it can indicate suicide by poision, those who die by starving themselves, by intercourse, by choking, being maimed or those who are undone by female personages.

Perhaps if McCain becomes president, he should be careful to avoid poisioning. Interestingly, Bill Clinton has the above indicator as well; could he be undone by a woman? He almost was, but politically, not by death.

McCain zodiacal aphesis

The last indicator according to Valens:

"...and similarly with the 8th place from the Lot of Fortune (Also known as the deadly place). It is necessary then, to examine upon what zoidion the Lot (of fortune) and its lord happen to be." For these zoidia the cause of death are shown ahead of time...

Fortune was in Pisces joined to the malefic Saturn in the place known as "the evil fortune". This serves as an amplification of the danger similar to the 4th indicator. Along the same line of thought, Mars is in the 6th from fortune. This is because the lot of fortune serves as a first house for matters related to the physical body, and we can apply the same rules to it as we did with some of the other indicators. We seek the 8th sign from Pisces, which is Libra, ruled by Venus and interestingly in close conjunction to the lot of treachery. These indicators look ominous, but this does not mean that John McCain cannot avoid this fate if he becomes president. He does rate rather high for these indicators though. When I get the time I will compare this with the charts of Bush, Gore and Bradley.

I have a couple of quick observations relating to eminence indicators in McCains chart. First of all, the lord of the lot of fortune falls in the 10th sign from fortune and is in powerful dignity. And the lord of basis (Saturn) is conjunct (hands over to) the lot of fortune. The lord of spirit (Venus) and exaltation (Mercury) are in mutual reception, and the lord of the exaltation is on the ascendant. All indicators that he would become a very powerful individual.

Two other things stand out dramatically: the lord of the lot of exaltation is in the 8th from fortune which translates as "fame through death". Dave Stricker has said that when the exaltation or it's lord are in the 8th, that it produces famous instances of death. It has the effect of reminding you where you were when you first heard the news. The charts of JFK, Princesses Diana, Caroline of Monaco and John Denver, etc... are all examples of this phenomenon. Also, the cause of McCains imprisonment at the Hanoi Hilton is also easily seen: the lot of accusation is very close to the lot of fortune (just over a degree) and with Saturn in a decline, a classic indicator of imprisonment. The lot of accusation is based upon Mars and Saturn, the two malefics, and is sometimes called the "lot of injury" and the "lot of being away from home" (against ones' will - as in exile). A quick look at the zodiacal aphesis for fortune/accusation has Taurus as the major period. This is the 8th house indicating a deadly period possible. The incident of the fire on the carrier deck (July 29, 1967) happened under the sub period Cancer, Aries level 3 -> Capricorn level 4 (pivots involving the lords Mars and Saturn), then he was shot down on Oct 26, 1967 - the dangerous Leo sub period (containing Mars - fire, cuts and bloodshed). The 3rd and 4th sub periods were: Virgo -> Pisces showing the incarceration. He was shot down under the Aquarius 4th level sub (flying an airplane). Because both benefics witnessed accusation and fortune, it is clear why he survived the incident and escaped. Jupiter is also in powerful dignity, and the reason for his good luck.

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