Eminence in the Birth Charts of Presidential Candidates (2)

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This is part two in a series of articles looking at the Presidential candidates using Valens eminence indicators. Al Gore was examined in part one. Now it is George W. Bush's turn.

George Bush was born during the day and the triplicity lords of his Sun in Cancer are Venus, Mars and the Moon. His Venus is in Leo in the first place. She is in a chrematistikos place, but she lacks any dignity and is out of sect. In addition, she is in aversion to her domicile ruler, the Sun in Cancer in the 12th. The Mars in his chart is in Virgo in the 2nd place. He is in an achrematistikos place, also lacking in dignity and out of sect. Mars is also in aversion to his domicile ruler, Mercury in Leo in the 1st. The Moon is in Libra in the 3rd place. She is in an achrematistikos place (although she has her joy here), lacks dignity and is out of sect. The Moon is sextiled to her domicile ruler, Venus in Leo in the 1st.

George W Bush birth chart

None of these triplicity lords are very significant as an indication of eminence. The aversion to the domicile ruler of the first two is a significant issue that create difficulties for Bush. The topic of aversion needs to be elaborated on in more detail at a later time. At least the Moon has an aspect to her domicile ruler.

Bush's Lot of Fortune is in Scorpio in the 4th place. Its domicile lord is Mars in Virgo in the 2nd. The condition of Bush's Mars leaves little positive to say. Mars is weak in strength and qualitatively malefic. The Mars may symbolize the little drive or direction that George W. had in his life prior to his 40th year. The domicile lord of Fortune (tuche) has not necessarily smiled on Bush. Yes, he was born with a famous name and had many doors opened for him. But several of his business ventures were not blessed by tuche at all. When he has tried to go out and do things without the help of others, the results have been less than fortunate. This is a symbol of what Mars is up against.

Having said that Fortune through its ruler has not been necessarily helpful for him, he does have three planets and the Ascendant in the 10th house from the Lot of Fortune. Valens emphasized this and it is very significant in terms of eminence. Planets in the angles from the Lot of Fortune need careful consideration in this regard. His time with the Texas Rangers baseball team and his political career, show this factor at work. Doors have opened for him by partners in his career having little to do with his abilities beyond this confident Leo persona and his name. Bush's Lot of Spirit is also in the 7th house from Fortune, indicating that his actions will be enhanced by partners (marriage and business) who will give him a lot of help. His Lot of Exaltation is also here indicating his opportunity to stand forth in a major way.

Bush's Lot of Exaltation is at 12 Taurus in the 10th place. This is co-present with the Lot of Spirit and is in the 7th house from Fortune. The domicile ruler is Venus in Leo in the first. Once again the fact that Venus is angular both in the regular natal chart and with respect to Fortune gives her a big boost. But one of her big problems is trying to find the form to manifest through. The aversion to the Sun in the 12th is a serious obstacle. But the final outcome appears to be the Moon in Libra, co-present with Jupiter. This gives evidence of the charm, gregariousness and likeability he has been described as having. His campaign message this last week of the election has emphasized "bringing America together" and he talks about wanting to get Congress to work in a bi-partisan way. These both seem to symbolize this third place Libra with Moon and Jupiter there. Of course I haven't overlooked the Neptune there as well, but I am sure that all of us will see it before too long.

The Lot of Spirit is also in Taurus in the 10th. Same indicators as the preceding paragraph. The actions of Bush emphasize forms that are Venusian. These will be strong due to the angular placements and their relationship to the Fortune houses. The debates were interesting to watch the symbols contrasted by Bush's Spirit in Taurus (ruled by Venus) and Gore's Spirit in Scorpio (ruled by Mars). The outcomes of his actions will be symbolized by the Sun in Cancer in the 12th place. This is not good for Bush individually because there is an aversion or lack of connection between the form of his action and the outcome. He will have a hard time perceiving why the outcomes are what they are.

Bush's Acquisitive place is the 2nd house in VIrgo. His Mars is in Virgo and I have already mentioned him above. Mercury is the domicile ruler of the Acquisitive place and he is in aversion to it. Mercury is very strong being very close to the ascendant and Pluto. Mercury has the same situation as Venus in that he is in aversion to his ruler, Sun in the 12th. So the source and final result of the things Bush acquires will not be clearly seen as it involves 12th house issues. While Bush does not have a strong Sun, its linking to the Moon/Jupiter is helpful.

Now that I have laid out the eminence indicators for the two major candidates, next I will consider the time lords with respect to the eminence indicators and venture a prediction about the outcome of the race based on this analysis. I will also take a look at the charts of Nader, Buchanan, McCain and Bradley for eminence indicators which may be provide insights when compared to their various opponents.

Dave Stricker is currently on an extended sabbatical retreat in the Ozarks.

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