Eminence in the Birth Charts of Presidential Candidates (1)

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In the past, I have laid out the considerations that Valens addressed in his chart examples in Book II concerning eminence. I thought it would be interesting to look at them with regard to the presidential candidates. Obviously being one of the party's candidates already indicates a fair degree of eminence. I would like to say at the outset that I do not have a preference for any candidate for President and I am not trying to present a case for or against anyone. I am only trying to layout some of the methods of Vettius Valens.

As a quick review, the considerations are as follows (in no particular ranking):

It is important to understand this is NOT a matter of adding up and seeing who has more of the factors. Each consideration is bringing up different kinds of issues that may contribute to eminence. I also think it would be a mistake to use the number of indicators as a way of determining who might win the election. I believe they can be helpful and I will explain later.

Al Gore birth chart

Al Gore is a day birth and the triplicity lords of his Sun in Aries are Sun, Jupiter and Saturn. The placement of all three of these by house position are prospering and functional. Even though his Sun is in the ninth sign from the ascendant, it is in the same sign as the MC which gives it the same consideration as being in the 10th sign, as far as its ability to stand forth and be noticed. The Sun is in Aries which is its sign of exaltation and the Sun is in sect in a day chart. The Sun is ruled by Mars in Leo in the 1st and is in a trine aspect to it by sign. These are all positive factors for eminence. Jupiter is in the 5th sign, in his own domicile of Sagittarius and in sect. Once again a very positive indication. Saturn is in the first sign, in detriment in Leo and in sect. Saturn is ruled by the Sun and is in trine aspect to it. Of the three planets, Saturn would be the least helpful in terms of eminence because of his lack of dignity and retrograde motion. Hellenistic astrologers besides Valens have used the triplicity lords as a simplified time lord method. In this case, Gore would most likely be in the Saturn phase of the three, indicating the least fortunate period of his life.

Gore's Lot of Fortune is in Aries, with the Sun and the MC. The domicile ruler is the Mars in Leo in the first house. This is a position where Mars will stand forth. It is important to note that even though Mars is trine its ruler (Sun), the Mars has no dignity in Leo. This is one factor that may explain why Gore received criticism during the debates about his aggressiveness. He has trouble being aggressive in a dignified way. There is also no aspect between Mercury and the Mars. This might indicate that he does not realize how he is being perceived when he is communicating or debating.

The angular houses from the Lot of Fortune would be Gore's 9th, 12th, 3rd and 6th. The only planet in any of these house is the Moon in Capricorn in the 6th. The tenth from Fortune is considered to be an important place, contributing to the person's reputation through tuche (luck or fortune). This gives added emphasis to the Moon in this role for Gore.

The Lot of Exaltation is found as follows: by day, Asc + 19 Aries - Sun and by night, Asc + 3 Taurus - Moon. Gore's Lot of Exaltation is located at 12 Leo in the first house (conjunct Pluto). Valens says to examine the sign the Lot of Exaltation falls in and the ruler. The nature of Leo and its ruler the Sun in Aries in the 9th, need to be considered. Leo and the planets in it indicate of the kind of "material" Gore has that fuels his desires and drives for success.. The Sun in Aries in the 9th points to the forms of success that Al Gore is likely to experience. The trine aspect between Leo and Aries is helpful. The final result of this success would be symbolized by his Mars in Leo.

The Lot of Spirit is important to consider when looking at the eminence of an individual because the lot and its ruler give information regarding the soul and intellect; actions through discourse and through giving and receiving. It is calculated by reversing the Lot of Fortune formula. Gore's Lot of Spirit is in Scorpio, in the fourth house, ruled by Mars in Leo in the 1st. According to Valens, even though Mars is not in the house of the Lot of Fortune or in the tenth house from Fortune, Mars in an angular house is one indication that he will be effective and but estimable only to a certain extent.

The Acquisitive Place is the 11th sign from the Lot of Fortune. Valens wrote that this place can be the bestower of belongings and goods for a person. In Al Gore's chart, this is Aquarius in the 7th. There are no planets here. The ruler is Saturn retrograde in Leo in the 1st. If you look at Gore's partners, this would give you some indications as to the way the nature of Aquarius and Saturn manifests in his chart.

George W. Bush's eminence factors will be presented next. I will evaluate Gore and Bush's time lords in relation to their eminence factors in another article.

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