The Symbolic Meaning of Planetary Size

© 1997 Curtis Manwaring

Not many people pick up on the fact that from the Earth, the Sun and Moon have approximately the same apparent size, unless it happens to be a solar eclipse. It is also interesting to note that they both are very close to half a degree in diameter. If placed side by side, their diameters would equal one degree. This half degree is representing the distance the Sun travels along the ecliptic in an average day (12 hours). The other half represents the night that ideally has 12 hours. In my article on sect, I stated that the Sun governs the day and the Moon governs the night. The duration for which in an idealized day, each is given 12 hours. Robert Schmidt has spoken extensively on the Same and the Other from a philosophical viewpoint and how the diurnal motion is representative of the Same and the Planetary motion around the ecliptic is representative of the Other. The daily rotation of the earth mimicks the celestial equator and it's unceasing sameness and is known as the circle of the same. The planets revolving around the zodiac are representative of otherness and the ecliptic is known as the circle of the other.

This idea may play a role in chronocratorships where a planet is given the duties of carrying out tasks through it's period. (I was about to say "length of it's period" but this would be a linear view of time supported by Descartes, and modern science, but not necessarily the Greeks.) The period in the idealized day that the Sun has given to itself by it's sect (12 hours) is equal to it's apparent motion in the circle of the Other (1/2 degree of revolution which takes 12 hours) and ironically, is also equal to it's diameter (1/2 degree). The Moon takes over the remaining 12 hours. While the Moon is also half a degree in diameter, it's revolution in the circle of the other is 12 times faster. The Moon travels it's own diameter in 1 hour. One degree of motion by the Sun in the circle of the Other (on the ecliptic) is equivalent to 360 degrees of motion in the circle of the Same (the rotation of the Earth), of which the Sun gets 180 degrees of this motion and the Moon gets the other 180 degrees.

My conclusion is that the lights seem to be conducting a logos between the circle of the Same and the circle of the Other. For those unfamiliar with the word logos (pronounced "lawgaws") it means a relating between two things and an intertwining that generates reason. A main symbol for this is the caudacus, which is 2 serpents twisted around a pole. The AMA has it for its symbol on medic alert necklaces.

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