The Lot of Accusation and Nixon

© 1997 David Stricker

The lot of Accusation and indicators for imprisonment or downfall from two sources are explored here. On the taped lectures by Robert Schmidt, he discusses imprisonment and the lot of Accusation in two tape sets. The first is the Ancient Lights in the Modern Sky, (Tape 1, side 2) and the second is Astrological Theory Informs Practice (Tape 6, side 1). In Part I of the Liber Hermetis, Chapter IV, p.20, Hermes describes the "Necessary Place" which is found by doing the calculation for the Lot of Accusation. This is apparently a parallel passage from Valens (future translation) and says basically the same thing that Robert Schmidt has described in his lectures.

The Lot of Accusation

The Liber Hermetis says this lot shows a fearful place of downfall. Here are the factors to consider from the Lot of Accusation:

  1. Is the Lot in the sign of a malevolent planet? (Aries, Scorpio, Capricorn or Aquarius)
  2. Are malevolent planets in the same sign as the Lot?
  3. Are malevolent planets in aspect to the lot?

If so, this makes the nativities " fallible, dangerous and degraded".

The nature of each planet and the sign show the species of the downfall. If benefic planets are in the sign of the Lot of Accusation or aspect it, the evil or depredation of downfall is less.

The indicators for imprisonment or downfall besides the Lot of Accusation are as follows:

  1. Is Saturn or Mars in a sextile aspect to the Sun or the Moon? Especially if they are in like signs or signs hearing each other? (the only signs that sextile each other and hear each other are Virgo-Scorpio and Taurus-Pisces). I am not sure what he means by "like" signs.
  2. Do the time lords involve one of the lights and the malefic involved in the sextile?
  3. Are any benefics involved? This will lessen the difficulties that the nativity faces.


Nixon's Lot of Accusation falls out at 15 Aquarius in the 6th house.

  1. The Lot falls in the sign of a malevolent planet (Saturn). Notice this is a nocturnal chart which makes the diurnal planet Saturn difficult.
  2. There are no classical malevolent planets in Aquarius, but who can ignore Uncle Uranus!
  3. Saturn squares the Lot and Mars sextiles it.

Notice the benefics do not make a classical aspect to the Lot!

Mars in Sagittarius sextiles the Moon in Aquarius.

Here are the time lords for the time of the Watergate break-in, and his resignation. The bungled break-in when the burglars where caught was June 16-17, 1972. Nixon resigned on August 8, 1974.

6/16/72 8/8/74
Quarters: Moon/Mars Moon/Jupiter
Zodiacal Aphesis:
Spirit Capricorn/Sag Aquar/Aquar
Fortune Scorpio/Cancer Sag/Sag
Profections Sun --> Mars
Accusation, Necessity
-> Sun, Jup, Merc
Spirit -> Asc
Mars --> Sun, Jup
Sun, Jup, Merc -> Necessity, Accusation
Fortune -> Asc
Transits: T Mars Opp. Sun
T Sat Opp. Mars
T Sat opp. Sun, Jup
T Jup squ. Mars, MC

When I started on Nixon's chart again, I was wondering how come so much was happening when the "weak" 6th and 9th houses involved, even using mundane house divisions. May I remind you of a little passage in Valens' Book IV, p. 29 in which he says the prospering and effective zoidia are the 1st, 10th, 11th, 5th, the Lot of Fortune, Lot of Spirit, Lot of Eros and the Lot of Necessity. Nixon's Lot of Eros falls out in Taurus and his Lot of Necessity falls out in Aquarius. [Eros is Asc + Spirit - Venus by night and Necessity is Asc + Mercury - Fortune by night. Reverse both for daytime births] Nixon's Lot of Eros falls out at 2 degrees Taurus and the Lot of Necessity falls out at 0 degrees Aquarius. By the way, the Spirit aphesis only switches to Aquarius in 1974 if you use 27 years for Capricorn.

Are the benefics involved? Notice that Jupiter is the Fortune Aphesis lord and is the formal element in the Quarters method. As the Liber Hermetis says, if the benefics are involved as well, there will be both evils and alleviations. I would say the Jupiter involvement helped to show that Nixon avoided impeachment and got pardoned.

I also wanted to note that it seems from a few preliminary examples and a brief mention in "Greek Horoscopes", that when a person has a profection, circumstances can reverse when the profection is reversed later. For example, Nixon gets re-elected to office when the Sun hands over to Mars. He is forced to leave office when the Mars hands over to the Sun. Actually all of the profections he had in 1972 are reversed in 1974.

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