The Lot of Accusation and O.J. Simpson

© 1997 Dave Stricker

More on the Lot of Accusation: (This was originally written on February 3rd, 1997)


Lot of Accusation 21 Gemini 38
Lot of Necessity 3 Gemini 35
Lot of Treachery 14 Cancer 04

With the jury out in the civil trial, I thought it might be good to look at Mr. Simpson. Remembering that the Lot of Accusation can indicate downfall and degradation as well as imprisonment, here is the review of his chart with regard to the factors from the last post:

  1. The Lot is not in a malevolent sign.
  2. Mars is in the same sign as the Lot (so is Uranus and the Lot of Necessity, ask Nixon if this is difficult!)
  3. Saturn (and Pluto) sextile the Lot.

Notice that neither Venus nor Jupiter aspect the Lot!

  1. No sextiles involved with the malefics and the lights. I have an idea about the sextiles. Modern astrology sometimes refers to the sextiles as opportunities. Maybe the sextiles between the lights and the malefics means the person has the opportunity to screw up.
  2. Time lords involved in the sextile does not apply.
  3. Benefics do not apply since there is no sextile.

Time Lords for O.J. at the time of his arrest 6/20/94, his "not guilty" verdict 10/3/95 and the second trial verdict 2/97?

6/20/94 10/3/95 Feb. 97
Quarters: Sat/Venus Sat/Sun Jup/Jup
Spirit Aquar/Cancer Aquar/Leo Aquar/Virgo
Fortune Canc/Capr* Canc/Aquar Canc/Aquar
Profections Sat, Plut, Asc->
Mars, Uran, Acc., Nec
Natal Positions Sun, Ven, Merc->
Sat, Plut, Asc
Transits T. Sat conj Moon,
trine Sun, Ven, Mer
T Sat Con Moon,
trine Sun
T Sat sq Merc, Ven, Sun
T Jup opp Sat

Notice the profections. As was the case in Nixon in 1972 and 1974, there is a reversal in the profections for OJ between 1994/95 and 1996/97. In other words the profections that occurred between 7/94 to 7/95, (while he was in jail and on trial), will reverse from 7/96 to 7/97. I am not sure if this points to the lack of black sympathy this time around, or maybe the 2nd jury not willing to buy into the police conspiracy theory? Also,the profections that occurred from 7/93 to 7/94 (including his arrest) will reverse from 7/97 to 7/98. I am not quite sure how to view this. The transits I have listed are only by sign and not to a degree position. It is interesting to note that the civil trial is wrapping up while Saturn is squaring the sign Mercury is in. Mercury is the dispositor of both the place of Livelihood (2nd house) and the place of Acquisition (11th house). If you use simple aversion as Valens seems to, Saturn is in aversion to Mercury.

* Also to bring up an old subject, when OJ was first arrested, his Fortune Aphesis was loosing the bonds. This is when there has been a complete cycle through the twelve signs and it hands over to the sign opposite from where it started. In his case the first division was in Cancer and the second division was in Capricorn. The start date for the Capricorn "sub-period" (I hate that term) was 9/10/92. It ended in Nov. 1994. So most of the trial and his "not guilty verdict occurred in the sub period of Aquarius.


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