Violent Deaths and Suicides

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I have paired these two people together because they both committed suicide when they were trapped and did not want to face the consequences of their actions. Obviously Hitler's actions had an effect on a much larger scale, but I don't think he directly committed acts of murder with his own hands as did Cunanan. Both used a revolver to the mouth but Hitler took poison as well.


Going through the indicators from the last post:

  1. The prenatal lunation is a lunar eclipse in Pisces. The Lord of the prenatal lunation is Jupiter in Libra, in aversion to the lunation. Jupiter also happens to fall amiss in the 6th house and is witnessed by Mars in the 8th.
  2. Mercury is not opposed to the Whole Moon while being witnessed by a malefic.
  3. This zoidion of the fortieth day after birth is still a little unclear to me. Do you count the day of birth as the first day, even if the person is born in the evening, as with Cunanan? If so, the fortieth day would end October 10th (at 9:41 PM PDT ?)as best as I can determine. Now on that "day", the Moon enters Libra at 2:08 PM PDT. If it is Virgo, Saturn, Mars or Hermes are not present. If it is Libra, then it would result in a yes, with Hermes in Libra (conjunct Uranus no less!).
  4. Saturn or Mars or not in 6 or 7 but Neptune is in the 7th and Uranus in the 6th.
  5. The 8th sign from the Ascendant is Sagittarius. Venus is destroyed by Jupiter (in the 6th and is ruled by Venus in Leo in the 4th). I think this may point to the issues involved in the death. Notice that Mars is in the eighth sign from Fortune.
  6. The eighth place from Fortune is Aries in the 12th (modern astrology refers to this as the house of self-undoing). Hermes is destroyed by Mars (in the 8th). Also notice that the ruler of Fortune, Mercury, is in aversion to it.

Leaving aside the 40th day for now, Cunanan has 4 out of 5 indicators.


  1. The prenatal lunation is a new moon in Libra. Venus is in Taurus in the eighth. Valens would consider this an aversion since he does not seem to use like-engirding signs to negate aversions. Venus also falls amiss in the 8th while she conjuncts Mars and squares Saturn.
  2. Mercury in Aries in the 7th is opposed to the prenatal lunation while it is witnessed by Saturn (trine). In this case the prenatal lunation is not a whole moon, so I don't know if this counts.
  3. The Moon on the fortieth day starts in Taurus and at the time of his birth is at 8 Gemini. Taurus would work great here being in the 8th with Mars present but I am not confident in the correctness here. Gemini is in the 9th without Mars, Saturn or Hermes (just beautiful Pluto/Neptune!). BTW, if you run the chart for the 40th day with Hitlers birthtime and place, there is a conjunct between Neptune, Pluto, Sun, Moon and Mars in Gemini in the 8th house (2-13 degrees Gemini)!
  4. No malefics in 6th or 7th.
  5. 8th house from Ascendant is Taurus with Sun, Venus and Mars present. Saturn in Leo squares. Libra being destroyed by Taurus is Aphodite destroyed by herself, a possible indication of suicide. Valens indicates these people can become suicides by among other things, drinking poison.(Vol. VIII, p.15)
  6. The eighth place from Fortune in Cancer is Aquarius. Lot of Spirit here could indicate that the end comes about because of his own actions. The Lord of the eighth from Fortune ("the deadly place") is Saturn in Leo (detriment). Moon as lady of Fortune is in detriment in Capricorn. The domicile rulers of Fortune and the 8th from Fortune, Moon and Saturn are in aversion.

Leaving out the 40th day again, Hitler has 3 out of 5 indicators of violent death.


Ernest Hemingway, famous prize-winnning author, commited suicide by shooting himself with a shotgun on July 2, 1961.

  1. The prenatal lunation is in Cancer in the 11th. The ruler of the prenatal lunation, the Moon is in opposition in Capricorn, its sign of Detriment. It is not in aversion and it is not falling amiss. Interesting to note that the Moon is in aversion to its ruler, Saturn in Sagittarius.
  2. Mercury is not in opposition to the prenatal lunation or the prenatal Whole Moon.
  3. The 40th day after birth has the Moon in Gemini at the time of birth.
  4. No malefics on the descendant or the pre-descendant.
  5. The eighth place from the Ascendant is Aries, so Mercury is destroyed by Mars. Mercury is in the 12th, in aversion to Mars in the first. Mercury is in aversion to its ruler the Sun in Cancer (I am following Valens examples where he does not seem to utilize the mitigating conditions to prevent aversion.). I think the placement of the ruler of the 8th in the first could be an indicator that he is the cause of his own death,
  6. Hemingway's Lot of Fortune is in Aquarius in the 6th House. The ruler Saturn is in Sagittarius, squared Mars. It is in aversion to the ruler Jupiter.

The deadly place is Virgo in the 1st house. Mars is in Virgo. Saturn makes a backward square to Mars. The ruler of Mars in Virgo is Mercury, in the 12th house, in aversion to its sign. Mercury's ruler the Sun is in aversion to it.

Valens description of Aquarius destroyed by Virgo indicates dying from wasting of the insides, by a disease involve dropsy, elephantiasis, jaundice, by eating iron (is that like "eating lead"?, dysentery, betrayal of a woman.

Hemingway only had two of the 5 indicators.

cobaincht.gif - 4.75 K

Founder and lead singer of the grunge band Nirvana, Curt Kobain died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head. Despite enormous popularity and wealth, Kobain ended his own life. So much for the ancient idea that acquisition and eminence = happiness.

  1. The prenatal lunation is in Aquarius in the 6th. Its ruler is Saturn in Pisces, in aversion, aspecting Mars in Scorpio. Saturn also conjuncts Venus, the lady of the Lot of Fortune.
  2. The Whole Moon prior to birth was at 5 Leo. Mercury is not opposed it.
  3. The 40th day of the Moon falls in Sag. No planets there.
  4. Saturn is in the 7th house.
  5. Eighth zoidion from the Ascendant is Aries, Mercury is destroyed by Mars. Mercury is in detriment and fall, co-present with Saturn. Mars is trining from Scorpio, along with Neptune which probably adds weirdness to the action.
  6. The Lot of Fortune in Taurus in the 9th is ruled by Venus in Pisces in the 7th. Venus is conjunct Saturn, opposed Uranus and trine to Jupiter, Venus' ruler. The deadly place is Sagittarius in the 4th. Jupiter is in Cancer, its exaltation, but retrograde and in aversion to Sagittarius. Jupiter's ruler, the Moon, is in Cancer, its domicile. Mars and Saturn trine the ruler of the deadly place.

Looking at the domicile rulers of the Lot of Fortune and the 8th sign from Fortune it is hard to see what is wrong. Venus and Jupiter are both in their exaltations in prospering houses. There are two things that I think are important in this regard. Jupiter is in aversion to Sag. This is an important consideration when looking at the prenatal lunation, so it may also be a factor here. Also, this is a nocturnal chart which means that the Jupiter is try to function in a limitless field.

Cobain's chart has 3 of the 6 factors.

One other note of interest so far. Cunanan, Hitler, Hemingway and Kobain all killed themselves with a gun shot to the head. Cunanan and Hitler had Mars in the eighth house. Hemingway and Cobain had Aries as the eighth sign from the ascendant. Probably just coincidence......

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