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Date, Time & Place

The date and time follow a specific format that is determined by your main options (F3 key) and by windows regional settings in your control panel.  The most common date formats are day/month/year and month/day/year.  It is allowed to use a (.) in place of (/) for the date separator.  You can use either 1 or 2 digits for the day or the month, but the year requires 4 digits:

Image streetsbutton.GIF

The Time field can be just hours such as 21 for 9:00 pm or 9 pm or any variation in between.

The Place name requires a comma between the city and state or the Atlas will not find the location correctly (assuming you have Auto Lookup checked).  If the Auto Lookup isn't checked (something you should do if you don't have the Atlas installed to keep the Atlas window from bugging you), you will need to enter the latitude, longitude, and time zone manually.

Note: The Save Default Location button to the right of the birth data section saves the ACS Atlas checkbox status, so be sure to click that if you want that setting to stay persistent.

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