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Square Chart:

The square chart is a hold over from the first version of Delphic Oracle:

Image squarechart.GIF

I kept it for three reasons:

1. Some people like this kind of display.
2. This is the same type of display used in the Project Hindsight translations.
3. When you feel like you're getting confused, switching to this view sometimes helps clarify thought and perspective.  It is harder to see the details here, but much easier to see overall picture.

From this window it is possible to view statistics about each planet such as position and dignities by hovering the mouse over the planet glyph.  This brings up a hint and displays the same information in the statusbar at the bottom of the chart viewer.  You can also change charts by selecting a different chart from the combo box at top left.  You may also:

1. Switch to a bi-wheel or uni-wheel view.
2. View reports such as eminence indicators, dignities, planetary speed, arabic parts or lots, etc...
3. View various time lord systems for the current chart.
4. View delineations, (chart meanings) for each planet or chart point by right clicking it to select from it's popup menu (also by single or double click).
5. Set glyph colors, sizes or visibility, etc. in the chart designer (<F2> key).
6. To change calculation options (such as dynamical house division, node types, topocentric or geocentric, etc) press the <F3> key.
7. View an Html Report of the statistics for this chart.
8. Rectify a birth chart and save the changed data (though it is easier to see changes in the other views).
9. View a graphic ephemeris of transits or heliacal phenomena.
10. Print the chart or preview your options for printing.
11. Create Adobe Acrobat (*.pdf) files containing the current chart image.

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