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Eminence Score:

I hope Schmidt will forgive my descartian digression, but this seemed like a fun programming idea.  The problem with an eminence score is that the entities studied in astrology are inherently of an intensive magnitude.  In other words assigning a score to something like "brightness", is analogous to drawing a map of the world on a flat surface, because the concept of "roundness" is incompatible with the concept of "flatness".

In the above case, Schmidt would say that this is an attempt to reduce a quality that is inherently an intensive magnitude down to an extension, as if "taste" could somehow be measured in "inches".

The eminence score is shown below the aphorisms section:

Image e-score.GIF

In any case, what I have done here is (for the columns related to the trigon lords and lots as pivotal, post-ascensional, or declining) award 1 point for declines, 2 points for post-ascensions and 3 points for pivots.  All of the other indicators if "Yes", were given 1 point.  While this might be interesting or entertaining, it should be taken with a very large grain of salt.  To see a practical example of how this approach is flawed, try creating some birth charts for February 5th, 1962 for various times of the day and watch what happens to the eminence score.

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