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The Four Lots:

Valens added that other sources considered the lots of Fortune, Spirit, Exaltation and Basis to be important in determining eminence, although he himself seemed to consider these secondary in importance to the trigon lords.

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In this case, the cosmic state of the 4 lots indicates where they are in relation to houses (topical - whole sign) as defined by the ascendant.  In the next column (w/Regard to Fortune), the first row is always a "-" because the lot of fortune defines this coulmn and is automatically in a pivot.  The other 3 lots are then judged to be in pivots, post-ascensions or declines relative to the lot of Fortune.  It is best if the lots are all pivotal, of course.

In the case of familiarity, the lots are not actual entities, so the yes/no do not indicate the lot's familiarity with a given place.  Instead, this column indicates whether the domicile lord of these lots are in any way familiarly situated.

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