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Heliacal Phenomena:

The heliacal phenomena can be included in the graphic ephemeris by clicking the heliacal phenomena checkbox on the Main tab of the Graphic Ephemeris Options window:

Image ephemeris-options-wnd.GIF

Heliacal phenomena will be shown as a small dot on the graph where the line appears or disappears showing that the planet has disappeared in the Sun's glare or is in curtailed passage.  Schmidt says that these represent "phasis" points which in Greek, translates as "an appearance that speaks".  Schmidt says that this is because a planet that changes it's direction or state in some way draws the attention of the cosmic soul and therefore adds to the courtroom testimony.

These dots look like this in the graph:

Image heliacal-graph.GIF

The horizontal dash-dot lines represent natal planets with colors that match the color of the planet in the Chart Designer.  The wavy solid lines represent transiting planets.  When you hover your mouse over a dot, a hint will be displayed showing the planet, heliacal phase and date.

Whenever your mouse hovers over the graph, it turns into a crosshair that marks the date and the degree position of the mouse in the status bar:

Image graph-status.GIF

Clicking on the graph in the location of the crosshair will load the transits for that date into the outer wheel with the natal chart in the inside wheel and brings up the transit animation toolbar which is the same toolbar used by the time lord windows.

Image transit-animate.GIF

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