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Transit Animation:

Delphic Oracle has the ability to automate the passage of transiting planet positions over time.  If you have calculated a transit, you will have noticed a new window that popped up that is labeled "Transit Interval - Animation Interval".  You will also notice that your single wheel chart for the chart you were investigating is now a bi-wheel with the inside wheel showing the chart of the native you were investigating, and the outside chart showing the transits you just calculated:

Image transit-toolbar.GIF

Tip:  If you have a fast processor, try clicking and holding down on the Up/Down arrow button to the right of "1 day" as shown above for smoother animation.

The Animation Interval setting is in the center of this toolbar and can be set to recalculate transits from every second to every 1000 seconds.  The above picture shows that it is ready to advance the transiting planet positions foreward 1 day every 5 seconds if you press one of the green arrow buttons (up = future, down = past).  (if you click the Up/Down button to the left of this, that will advance/regress the chart manually).  When the Start button is pressed, it will continue advancing the planet positions every 5 seconds until you press the Stop button directly below it, or until the window no longer is the active window.  This means that if you click on another window, the animation will stop (so you can investigate further).

Image transit-animate.GIF

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