Delphic Oracle 4 Online Help

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Create New Charts:

You can create new charts by clicking Chart | New, or by clicking the tool button at the top of the main window.

Image createnewchart.GIF

You can also use the shortcut key <Ins>.  Once you execute any of these, a new window will open asking for chart information:

Image newchart.GIF

You may then enter the birth chart name, time zone / daylight savings time, and location using the ACS Atlas, Microsoft Streets or by going online (as represented by the 3 buttons after Place).

Note: It is important to realize that if you are working with charts that are BCE (or BC) in the calendar, that this program uses the scientific convention for counting the years.  This means that the year zero, is the same as 1 BC, and 1000 BCE is equivalent to -999 in the spin edit box for the year.  It is not necessary to use two digits for the date (5/11/2005 would have been fine as shown above).

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