Delphic Oracle 5 Online Help

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Main window overview

The picture below is labeled showing the names of the most important areas of the main window:

At startup the Tips window will show in front of the Main window below which will help you become familiar with program functions.  If you take time each day to read one tip, after 80 days you will have familiarized yourself with all of the important areas of the program.

The Group Bar has links to most of the functions that are available in the main menu.  The Chart main menu also has its own toolbar (Chart Toolbar) towards the top left just below the Main menu for faster access.  To the right of this is an empty area where the Rectification toolbar and Autogenerated Charts toolbar will appear.

At the top right is the Open Chart list which is a list of charts that can be shown in the Main Chart Viewer area (center).  Double clicking in this list is the quick way to show a single chart in the Main Chart Viewer.  A single click on this list will show the data for the chart to the right in the Chart memo field.

It is important to realize that there are a number of splitter bars in the main window that can collapse completely, obscuring some windows.  Every area of the main window is completely collapsable.  These splitters have grabber bars with blue triangle arrows pointing in the direction of movement when clicked.  All but the splitter next to the Group Bar can be collapsed in both directions with a single click.

The Chart Viewer is also clickable and has a context menu that will show up when right clicked.  Right clicking on a planet glyph will give you a delineation menu with meanings of planets.  Delineations will show up in the Dock Tab area to the right of the chart if selected.  Hovering over a glyph will bring up hints with other information.  There is also a Tab for Square View.

It is possible to open several windows into the Dock Tab area.  New windows can be minimized to the bottom of the Dock Tab area and will show as Tabs.

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