Delphic Oracle 5 Online Help

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Date and time fields

The Date edit field is directly below the Name edit field.  Depending upon the setting you have for Date Style, the date format will show something like (where dd stands for a two digit year, mm two digit month, etc) or mm/dd/yyyy.  Some regional settings will specify a period (.) as the date separator symbol and some will use commas (.) or forward slashes (/).

If you press the Tab key, it will bring you to the Time edit field.  The format is usually hh:mm:ss or or you can simply press a 7 for the hour and it will interpret 7:00 or 7,00, etc.  There is a button attached to the field at right that will enter the current date and time into the date and time edit field.

It is important to follow the format for entering the date.  A miss spelling here will generate an error, but the error dialog will give you information about what format is expected that is useful.

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