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Date Style

There are 3 Date Styles available in this program but only 2 are commly used: dsAmerican and dsEuropean.  This is now a class property of the DateTime component which affects all areas of the application.

dsAmerican: In this style the month comes first in the date string and often the date separator symbol will be a "/", followed by a day and then the year usually in the format to mm/dd/yyyy where 4 digits are used for the year and up to 2 can be used for the day and month.

dsEuropean: In this style the day comes first and then the month and then the year often in the format of where the date separator symbol is usually either a period (.) or a comma (,) or a dash (-).

dsScientific: In this style the largest units of time come first and the smallest are last such that the format is usually yyyy/mm/dd.

This setting is set at installation.  If your regional settings are not US English, then it is a good probability that you will want to use European date style.  You can set this once after installation and click Save and it will use this setting from now on.

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