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Twelfth parts button


To list the 12th parts report, click on the 12/13 button as shown below:

The 12th harmonic is based upon the Sun / Moon synodic cycle whereas the other is based upon a simple division of the sign by 12.  There are 12 synods of the Sun / Moon in a year.  Every month the Moon has to make up another 30 degrees (13th sign) in it's motion to reach the Sun which has traveled 30 degrees in a month.  Therefore the dodekatamoiria theoretically represent the Moon's sidereal motion, but there are 12 lunations (dwadasamsa) in a year.

Schmidt theorizes that these represent the ascending path of the planet as opposed to the descending path represented by the lots.  12th parts represent re-integration into the whole as a result or an outcome (apotetlesma).

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